Does anyone have a Hudson yet???

  1. Eiiiiiieee!!!
    I want one ASAP!!

    In case you haven't seen it...

  2. Me too! I love it in the chili color, and am dying to see it IRL.
  3. Someone needs to post a picture of it in their possession. I'm dying to see one.
  4. I agree!

    What is the retail on this?
  5. I believe Jill & Baghound are getting and/or waiting for them.
    Chocolate Brown looks nicer than Chili for Hudson in NM's MJ booklet, I'm really wondering how the colors are IRL.
  6. I ordered CHILI.Its coming in on Friday..along with 2 other MJ bags..LMAO..bad Jill....
  7. Yay, Jill! Can't wait to hear your reaction and see your pics!!!
  8. Bad Jill!!! LOL!
    Which other MJ bags did you get? Tote is one of them?
  9. Ah-Hah!!!! You wouldn't tell me early this morning what MJ bag you ordered, but you tell everyone else on TPF.

    That's it! We are broken up! :crybaby:
  10. Jill should send Coachwife6 a bag to ease her pain. =)
  11. ^LMAO! DANG..I wanted to tease her along....LMAO....oops..I slipped on the HUDSON..but you dont know the other two bags I ordered...MU..HA..HA..HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Not listening! You are so mean. You know Marc Jacobs is my homeboy and you do this to me. Sniff, Sniff. are my new BFF.

    Sniff..Fine......NOW I wont tell you what I ordered..LMAO!
  14. Jill & Coachwife6, Lots of hugs & make up. =)

  15. sooo not fair. you get to have it before me. i am dying to know which other bags you ordered.
    i can't wait to see them. and the hudson.