Does anyone have a hard time with bag colors needing to match your outfit?

  1. Hi everyone -

    I'm not sure if this makes more sense in the Wardrobe subforum, but I thought that I would ask here first...MODS, please feel free to move if you deem it necessary.

    I wanted to know if anyone else has this problem - I have a hard time wearing a bag that does not match my outfit color-wise. In particular, I can't wear my black bags if I'm not wearing black at all. So, if I have a navy or brown dress (solid or pattern), I can't use a black bag. I know I probably sound strange, but I'm trying really hard not to be so concerned about matching. I take the Metro every day, and see many women who just wear what they like, regardless of whether it matches, and I'm envious. I find that I often switch bags during the week.

    What do you guys do? Anyone else in the same boat? Or, am I being to extreme?
  2. I have to match somewhat...
  3. I wouldn't use a black bag with a navy or brown dress either... much matching do you mean out of curiosity? Do you need a green bag with a green outfit, for example, or something that coordinates with your shoes?
  4. What I'm having trouble with lately is the silver jewelry/gold bag hardware clash. My favorite summery bags have a lot of gold hardware. I'm ready to leave home in the morning and then I see big gold buckles on my purse and have to change my earrings. Lunacy, I know.
  5. When in doubt I always say go metallic. Silver looks really great with navy and gold with brown.
  6. I usually just try to match my bag with my shoes. I only have brown and black shoes and bags so it's an easy task ;)
  7. I get what you mean...I see people with cute bags that don't coordinate at all with what they are wearing & wish I could get away with that. What I find myself doing is picking a bag at the beginning of the week and just choosing clothes/colors that week that coordinate. Like if I have a pink bag that week then it's neutral clothes for me until the next week :smile:
  8. I find that when picking any outfit there has to be a theme to handbag and shoes. Its not necessairly that they have to match but there must be soemthing common between them. Accents such as same color hardwear like brass, copper, silver, gold, bronze etc.. Maybe even fabric and texture like a great canvas bag with some cute keds. (BCBG has some awesome prints on keds) Shoes dont always have to match in color respect to your outfit, you can link it to the theme of your look in other ways.

    I think maybe the ladies on the metro use their shoes to pull their outfits together, you can use anything and make it work!
  9. Thats MY problem......I need an LV bag of every kind to match various color schemes.....its my delusional way of rationalizing my LV purchases !!
  10. Thanks for the responses so far!

    Pursegrrl: I don't go that extreme - like wearing a green bag with a green outfit. I think my main problem is wearing a black bag with everything - I simply can't do it. I see so many people who wear black with blues and browns, and I wish I could do that. Saves me more time in that I don't have to swtich bags so often.
  11. I used to be like that but now I'm one of those people with a bag that doesn't match.

    It all changed when I bought a jade green bag. I don't have anything green but I have a lot of colors that go with jade green without clashing. All the neutrals look really nice against it too.

    As long as the dressiness is in line with my bag, clothing, and shoes, that's all I really match. Colorwise I just make sure nothing clashes. Black clashes with navy and brown for me (but I know others wear it together). Camel, maroon, jade, etc go with all of them nicely. Snce I have a lot of neutrals, espeicially in my work clothes, it also helps to bring a subtle layer of color into my look.
  12. i'm the same way.
    my purse always matches my outfit. although sometimes i more likely match my outfit to my purse :smile: lol
    guess thats why i have about 70 purses though!
  13. I hear you! I can't wear a black bag with everything either. Even though most of my bags are blacks or chocolate browns of some sort I do switch almost daily.
  14. thats how i am. sort of. my belt & shoes match. and my purse usually matches some color within my outfit. normally the same as my shoes/belt
  15. I like my purse to match what I'm wearing too. I don't wear my black bags with everything. I switch out often between black, brown, bone, camel etc.