Does anyone have a Gustto Mila bag?

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  1. I went ahead & used the BIN on this seller's Baca bag, but this Mila might be a good deal for someone else. She's also got a couple other Gustto bags pretty cheap.
  2. aftter seeing pics of Lexie's Persa bag, I started to wonder if maybe this bag is larger than it appears. It looks like it's along the lines of a Baca bag, but a little shorter - this would be a great deal if someone was looking for a Gustto bag to try em out.

    (she says its brand new & still has the Nordstrom tag on it)
  3. Oh, this is tempting because of the price (& I would like to try a Gustto bag) The leather looks delish-but the style looks like a big smiley face! I'd like to see more pics...
  4. That's so funny :P- I thought the same thing when I first looked at it!!! It is a good price for a brand new bag and would be an excellent opportunity to test run Gustto. I don't think you'd have to worry about authenticity, as the seller just seems to be on a Gustto kick (she's had quite a few in recent months, and told me she has even more that she's keeping!). I grabbed her Baca bag cuz I couldn't see it lasting much longer (w/a BIN of $225!!) - I'd luv to see someone from TPF end up w/the Mila!!!
  5. I looked online for more pics, and couldn't find anything, it does look similar to the baca, with the handles looking about the same..a pic of it being carried would be a bonus!
  6. It looks like a hand carry to me, not a shoulder. Hmm.
  7. Yea - I thought the same thing. But if the top slouches like other Gusttos, you might make it fit on the shoulder.
  8. ^Now that is an absolutely adorable Gustto! I hope someone chimes in and shows us some more pics!