Does anyone have a Gucci dog collar? (Poll)


Is 150 worth is for a Gucci Dog Collar?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. I called the outlet store in CA today to see if they had the dig bandana, but they didn't. He told me they had a dog collar though and some other stuff. Does nyone have one? What do they look like? He said it was about 150...think its worth it? The jury is still me out
  2. wellllll to tell the truth. i would say yeah. only because my dog is wearing coach collars and they cost almost as much, lol (our gucci doesn't have the dog collars). and he has 3. but i also treat my dog like a baby - so i really didn't mind
  3. my dog has this one. it's a little more $195 but it looks great on him and i like the signature red & green colors over the G print.
  4. ^^^ that is too cute. what kind of dog do you have?
  5. thanks, thanks! i have a yorkshire terrier.
  6. dog has a coach leash and collar...still debating whether to upgrade lol