Does anyone have a good recomendation for a messenger bag?

  1. I'm talking a REAL messenger, not just a sling. It needs to be able to hold a lot of heavy books and other items. Thans so much!;)
  2. If you want cloth you might try Triple 5 Soul.
  3. LV Congo series?
  4. banana republic has a very nice, classic brown leather version on their site right now for $198. my friend got a fossil one from macy's for the same price and it looked great too. the straps were even made of leather instead of the usual woven nylon
  5. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Any of your choices would be great:yes:
  6. Take a look at the mens messenger bags on
  7. I recently bought a messenger bag from Timbuk2 and it is the real thing, a 100% authentic bike-messenger bag. I lug a lot of stuff back and forth to work, and this bag is perfect -- lightweight, excellent quality, and fits a ton. I used the Build Your Own option, and chose exactly what colors and features I wanted. Highly recommended!
  8. My husband uses crumpler bags - they are real hardwearing functional messenger bags and he does carry a ton in his. farbric is waterproof and ripstop.
    The website is hilarious!
  9. I use a Manhattan Portage bag simply for it's durability and non-fuss factor.
  10. When I was in college I used an Eddie Bauer messenger that has held up pretty well through the years (my BF now uses it -- it's almost 10yrs old now!). I have also used Timbuk2, though as more of a commuting/work bag and not for school. They are pretty sturdy though so I think it would hold up.

    Happy942 -- what kind of Manhattan Portage do you have? I've just ordered the Small DJ but am now thinking that might be too big. I was looking for a utilitarian everyday bag that could hold my staples -- wallet, water bottle, small book, small Moleskines, cell, keys. I was going by dimensions listed online and opted for the Small over the XSmall... I sometimes hate ordering things from online... :confused1:
  11. I have the expandable basic Europa. I mainly use it when I have to carry a lot though, like a laptop or books. I thought it would be too small when I initially ordered it (online too) but it expands and fits everything perfectly. I think the Europa is a little bigger than the Small DJ bag... maybe you should trade it in for the xsmall? I do love the simplicity and durability of MP bags.
  12. If you are looking for a sturdy messenger that is really reasonable try If you are looking for something nicer try Tumi. They make great bags for work...