Does anyone have a good recipe for chili?

  1. I've been craving chili like a mad woman for a while now :drool: --but my problem is that I'm kitchen-illiterate. I want something that doesn't (entirely?) come out of a can and my husband has offered to cook it for me :yahoo:. Now I'm looking for a recipe. I can go either vegetarian or meat, but I think I should stay on the milder side of things. Anyone have anything good they can share?

    TIA! :heart:
  2. This is really simple, but everyone usually loves it. I brown about 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef, then add canned diced tomatoes, McCormick's Mild Chili Seasoning, salt, pepper, tomato paste and water. When that's boiling, I'll add in some uncooked spaghetti broken up into short pieces, or macaroni or whatever you have available. My son is now a vegetarian, so I make him a separate pot the same way except I substitue the crumbled soy Boca Burger for his.
  3. i donot have a recipie on had but i use paula deans from the food network
  4. I'm not sure how accurate my recipe is but this is what I do.

    Brown diced onion, green pepper, celery, (carrrots optional I guess and other veggies for added benefit) -- then the ground meat, add a hint of cinnamon, cumin, salt, and a soup cube, garlic or granulated garlic, chili powder, paprika.
    Add tomato sauce (strained and plain) or can of whole tomatoes, or even diced tomatoes if you wish. Stir for a bit and then add drained kidney beans (canned is easiest) Cover with water and let it simmer on low after it comes to a boil.

    It should be done in a while, or cook it in a slow cooker (I think, never used one of those). Pressure cookers are good too, but perhaps it will make the beans mushy if it were already precooked (like the canned) - I prefer putting them in near the end too.

    Since I'm a vegetarian I use TVP (textured veggie protein) and it's really good, I just add extra water and put a quarter cup of that in along with the beans, and add some more veggies like zucchini.
  5. I made this the other day and it was really good!

    Ground Turkey and Black-Bean Chili
    Serving Size : 6 Preparation Time : about 45 mins.
    Categories : Vegetables / Poultry / Chili

    Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
    -------- ------------ --------------------------------
    1 tablespoon Oil
    2 cups Finely chopped red pepper
    1 cup Chopped onion
    1 heaping teaspoon Pre-minced Garlic (from a bottle)
    4 teaspoons Chili powder
    2 teaspoons Ground cumin
    1.2 pounds Ground turkey breast
    1 can 7 oz. roasted green chilies - seeded and chopped
    2 cans 15oz Black beans -- rinsed & drained (no fat)
    1 can 14 oz Canned chicken broth (no fat/reduced sodium)
    1 can 14.5 oz Diced tomatoes (do not drain)
    2 tablespoon Tomato paste

    Heat oil in large saucepan or dutch oven over med heat. Add pepper, onion, and garlic; saute until tender, about 12 min.

    Add chili powder and cumin; stir to blend. Increase heat to med high and add turkey; break up with spoon and saute until turkey is no longer pink, about 3 min.

    Add beans, broth, diced tomatoes, chopped chilies and tomato paste and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer chili (uncovered) until liquid
    thickens, stirring occasionally, about 1 hour. Season with salt & pepper.
  6. I don't claim that this is anywhere near the milder side, but you can just omit any of the ingredients that might have flavor.

    In a big pot, brown and drain a pound of ground round. Be sure to mash it up good while it is cooking.

    Turn the fire way down, and add some chopped up onions, garlic, and chopped up peppers. I put in several different kinds of peppers, jalapenos, habaneros, tiny Thai chiles, sweet bell peppers, banana peppers, poblanos, you can use whichever ones you like.

    Throw in a can of Ro-tel Mexican fiesta or whatever it is called. Add more garlic.

    Put in some dried chile ancho, cumin, more garlic, a wisp of cinnamon and some old red wine that has been sitting around being used for cooking.

    Stir everything up and let it cook for a half hour or so. You did not put in enough garlic. Add more.

    Add some coca-cola classic, salt, pepper, more garlic, a little balsamic vinegar and a little red wine vinegar. And some more garlic. You are still not putting enough in.

    Open a can of dark red kidney beans and drain off that awful goo. Stir the beans into the chili carefully while adding more garlic.

    Leave it on the fire for another ten minutes or so, taste to see what you need more of, besides garlic and probably more cumin.

    When it tastes right, take it off the fire and put it in bowls. Put shredded cheese on top, and serve with cornbread.

    Put out little bowls of chopped up onions, cilantro, assorted chopped up peppers and shredded cheese so that people can add these things at will.
  7. Thank you to everybody that shared their recipes!! They all sound so yummy right about now (lunchtime!) :drool:.... sometime later tonight I'll have my husband take a look at the recipes and see which one looks most like something he can pull off. (We're both hopeless in the kitchen, but he's slightly better than me. Shame!). Thanks so much.