Does anyone have a Glazed Brown n/s Modern Chain

  1. Hi there,

    Does anyone have a brown n/s glazed modern chain you could post a photo of?

    I've been searching high and low to take a look and the new brown glazed n/s modern chain.
    to me it seems the chain has a little more sparkle than last season's and I can only buy one new Chanel brown bag right now and I'm debating between the brown N/S and brown GST.

    Thank you so much!!!
  2. I'm waiting for this elusive bag to show up too! I'm dying to see photos.
  3. One of the differences is that the chain is shiny instead of matte, but I was surprised when I saw the bags in person that it didn't just leap out at me. It may be partly because of the way the chain and leather are wrapped together and partly because the leather itself is now glossy, too. The contrast isn't so huge. Sorry I don't own one to take a photo of! I've only seen and coveted. I love my old version MC bags, but another plus for the new ones is that they are a little lighter in weight.
  4. suprisingly, the dark grey and brown look the same. see the pocket in the city color or even gst burgundy and bordeaux.
  5. oh I wish someone would have one to take pics of:girlsigh:

    My local nordstoms had one of a minute - second rather.
    By the time i got there in the evening it was gone...darn
  6. Count me in as one who is dying to see a pic of the glazed brown. I love the black, but would love one in brown. I haven't seen these in stores yet either. I"m sure they go quick.
  7. Hi I had one and returned it I can give the info if you need it