Does anyone have a flat clutch?

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  1. I have one and have not used it yet because I'm not sure how I should treat it to make sure it doesn't darken from me holding it in my hand. Should I use For Handles Only on the whole outer part of it or what? HELP...I really want to use it but want to make sure it stays a pretty as possible. Here is a pic so you know what bag I am referring to. DSC02225.JPG
  2. [​IMG]

    I have one khaki flat clutch (comes with handle) and a calcaire pochette (the same as ur magenta one). NOrmally i only hold it on the outer part of it or clutch under my arms....hmmm, love ur magenta pochette and i have a magenta twiggy lately....and i jus like the color so much.....hehehhehehe:graucho: :graucho:
  3. Oh, that is lovely! How much does this retail, may I ask?
  4. I know but if I carry it by hand it might darken the leather, right? I was wondering if I should treat the outside so it stays the color it is and not darken in spots where my hand touchs it. I don't want to treat anything if I don't have to but I don't want there to be a darkened hand print on it in 2 years.
  5. spiral : discontinued 04 flat clutch (with handle) but i bought ard USD750 as for the calcaire/magenta pochette and the retail is at USD675 (still available)
  6. I recently got a rouge vif coin purse and I sprayed the heck out of that little cutey with Apple Garde since I was also afraid that it'll start turning black on me.
  7. I have an Ink Oval Clutch, and I have treated the ridged top AND the bottom with For Handles Only because I hold it both ways. There's some area in the middle of the bag that I haven't treated because I don't grab it there.

    I'm resigned to it darkening in some areas at some point, so I'm not going to sweat it too much...when it happens I'll try (powderpuff's?) advice to blot dirt and oil with an Oil of Olay face wipe.
  8. MRG, that clutch is awesome. The color is so vibrant and it's perfect for an accessory! I would suggest using apple guard to prevent darkening which I have used on my calcaire bag with success.
  9. The Apple Guard repellant Spray?

  10. yes.......that's what I would use. I've used it on a couple of my bags to prevent water and stains as well as handles darkening. It has never done anything funky with my bags as far as changing the color or shine once it dries.
  11. ^^^ I've read in some other threads that the AG spray really stinks. How long does the stink stay on the bag? Or does it smell ok once it dries?

    By the way, has anyone used the non-aerosol spray version? verdict? TIA!
  12. I was talking about the Apple spray. I don't think that it smells badly and it does help prevent the absorbption of oils.
  13. i used my black satin flat clutch for evening outs when i don't carry a lot of things.

    i didn't protect it with anything, it's satin though LOL
  14. Apple spray it!
  15. Yup, use Apple Garde spray! I have both the aerosol and the atomizer versions and I find that both work equally well. The aerosol version needs to be used in a well ventilated area. I mean, talk about a major HIGH (not that I do any of that kind of stuff...). The smell goes away once the treatment dries. It's been a bit rainy in the Wash DC area, and my Sapin Twiggy got a few drops of rain on her while commuting. No damage whatsoever on her, thanks to Apple Garde!