Does anyone have a FACEBOOK fanpage?

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  1. I need urgent help.
    ok, i created a facebook account. then went and created a page so people can 'like' my page, or become a fan. the problem is, I can't seem to figure out how to ONLY show the fanpage, instead of the personal profile. It states that you can't open a fanpage if you don't have a personal account, i get that. So how come others have pages where you have to 'like' that page, and not become friends. On my account, u can do both. I dont' want both. I don't want friends. I only want people to like my page. that's it. I swear i'm going crazy. my eyes are starting to hurt. I have been online for over 8 hours and i still cant find the answer.

  2. I have a fanpage (it's in my signature). I also have a personal account. From my personal account, I was able to create my fan page and I'm the only administrator for the fan page.
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    yup. i have a fan page for my graphic design biz and i also have it linked directly from my website.

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    as far as your questions, to be honest, i'm not really sure. i have both a personal account and a fan page, so i don't know. i'm sorry!
  4. I'm pretty sure you have to have a personal page (which you can hide) to administer a fan page.
  5. No but I'm a farmville junkie!
  6. hmmm.... it's hard to really know what sort of page you created without knowing all the steps.

    like raebelle said - you have to create the fan page directly from your personal page...

    did you do this?
    -from your personal FB wall click on 'ads and pages' on the left hand side of the window
    -then at the right top corner (kind of) there should be a button that says "create page"
    -and then you just go through the steps

    and then once it's created and people have 'liked' it then on your page you created it should say "people who liked this" and then list all the people in the spot where on normal pages the 'friends' are listed.
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    This is correct - I used to run the Facebook fan page for a company I previously worked for, and I set up a dummy personal account so I wouldn't have to link my work fan page to my real, outside-of-work account.

    You can't run a fan page without logging in from a personal account. You don't necessarily have to answer friend requests from that account, or if you want it to be private you can tweak the settings so it won't show up in search or use an alias instead of your real name, but fan pages have to be administrated by a personal account of some sort. If you delete the personal account, you can't access the fan page any longer.

    I'm not entirely sure why you'd want to create a fan page for yourself without actually having a personal account anyway. Is it for your business or something?