Does anyone have a "do not buy from" ebayer list?

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  1. I'm curious about this one seller on eBay...buddha11. I'm wondering if we have a "do not buy from this seller" list in the MJ forum; I'm relatively new and maybe I haven't found it yet.

    If it doesn't exist, could we make one? It would be helpful to have a list of who to trust and who to automatically disregard in reference to fakes on eBay.

    TIA...and sorry if this thread is redundant, you can just point me to the thread with the info if it's already here.
  2. sorry, there use to be one, but that forum was closed... too many reputations being tarnished.
  3. I got ripped off on my first MJ (or what turned out NOT to be an MJ) purchase on eBay, but the username quickly disappeared not long after my transaction and fight to get my money back. I think a lot of rip-off artists on eBay float from one user name to another, and make it harder to track them. Still, this is an interesting thread you started... and I bet there ARE folks out there who repeatedly sell fakes under the same user name, so I'll be eager to see who is listed here. After my first was fake, I bought one other MJ on eBay that WAS the real deal, but ever since have stuck to buying ONLY at Nordstrom.
  4. Oooh, I don't want to tarnish anyone's reputation (unless it deserves tarnishing); would there be a way to just post our concerns about specific ebayers to see if others have had bad experiences with them? Or if they're known for selling fakes?

    I think it would easier for me to pinpoint a bag I want by being able to weed out people automatically because they've sold fakes or cheated another member of the forum.

    That said...does anyone have any info on buddha11? She keeps listing "authentic" bags with photos that show authentic parts of bags, but the photo of the entire bag is a stock photo. And I'm suspicious that she's using photos of an authentic bag and then sending out fakes, because she uses the SAME listing over and over again with the same pics. Does anyone have any input on her?

    If you look at her items for sale, she only has two up, but items she's sold in the past illustrate my concern. CLICK


  5. PLEASE post all authenticty questions in AUTH THIS THREADS ONLY!
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