Does anyone have a Daydream Hobo?

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  1. If so, do you find it to be pretty roomy? I tried one on once, but I can't remember if it was small or something that could hold my stuff comfortably.
  2. i have one and it's definitely roomy and comfortable to use. it depends on how much you carry, but i fit in my zc, a cosmetics case, a key pouch, cell, id case, gloves, ear muffs, and even an extra pair of shoes.

  3. Wow! That is a lot. I hope I am describing the bag correctly as the Daydream Hobo. Not the Suvi, but the smaller, shoulder bag style. It looks deceptively small in some of the photos.

    This is the one:
  4. yep, that's the one. i have it in pale yellow.
  5. dang that holds a lot!
  6. I've always been afraid to stuff my daydream hobo, because it's not very deep and seems like it would get out of shape. After reading tad's post, though, I'll try putting more stuff in.
    Maybe one has to arrange everything to fit right, though. I have a Reena-type long wallet and when I put it in the hobo, the knob on the wallet sticks out of the hobo leather.
  7. roo!!! don't be afraid to cram you hobo full of stuff. it can take it. also if you poke out the corners, it can hold a bit more. depending on how you arrange everything, you can still maintain the bag's flat-ish shape.
  8. Thanks, tad. You are now my official inspiration for stuffing my daydream hobo.:P
    I haven't used that bag enough. I think it's because it's one of the two bags that I paid full price for and I'm almost afraid to touch it. Kind of paradoxical, isn't it, considering how much I plunked down for it.
  9. Tad's right, it does hold a lot more than it appears it would. I have it in dark orchid and have only used it once, but took it shopping and was surprised at how much it held.
  10. heck yes!!! i rather not share which one it is because i'm hopefully in the process of purchasing it from a tPFer :wlae: