Does anyone have a D&B from their Zebra Collection?

  1. If you do, I was just wondering how the material is on it. I can't really tell from the pictures on their website, but is it "furry" at all, because I don't want that. I'm thinking of getting the large sac in white/gold.


    Pictures would be nice if you could! :biggrin: Thanks everyone!
  2. No, it is not furry! I handled this bag in Nordstrom last week and loved the look. The stripes are not as hard edged as the black and white original zebras, but the surface is consistent.

    I was thinking about in pink & white that I saw on the Dooney website.

    The bag looks very different in different colors, btw, I also saw the pink and green in person and it was, well, hideous.
  3. I don't own this bag, but I've seen it at Macy's & Dillards. The material is very...hard, for lack of a better word. I think they say it's coated leather, but it looks like plastic. Definitely not furry! I liked it a lot less in person than I did online.
  4. I have to agree with this!
  5. I'll third that. I was really excited about it until I picked one up in Macy's. I was really unimpressed by the quality of the printing on the leather - lots of little inconsistencies. That said, I think they'll be really fun once they start hitting the sale racks :smile: I just don't think the quality is there for full price.
  6. Thanks everyone! I was also wondering: do D&B bags come with dustbags? I dont think they do..just wanted to make sure though!
  7. No, alas. I have all my favorite Dooneys stored in old pillow cases.

    I reiterate other comments. Before buying a Dooney you should look at the fabric or leather in a store. Some of the fabrics are very stiff and plastic-coated. Some of the leathers are stiff as cardboard. Some like this, others do not.
  8. Thanks Sue!
  9. I don't know, but that chick is creepy as hell.
  10. Actually, many D&B bags comes in dustbags - i think it depends on the type of leather you get.
  11. Two of my three Dooneys came with dustbags. I too think it depends on the leather; the only one that didn't was fabric (and really should have had one in my estimation).
  12. I was so excited when they came out with the zebra line! I expected them all to be dyed ponyhair and soft to the touch. I am a student still and to shell out a few hundred for a bag is a big deal but I was ready to make the leap on for these... that is until I actually saw it. I think that their website has a much better picture and is a bit misleading. I was unimpressed with the quality of it.

    I ended up ordering the plaid Madras bag because I thought that the material was going to be similar to the coated plastic of the IT line but it was unprotected. I ended up reselling it on eBay...

    Overall I've been really dissapointed in Dooney for the past few years. They haven't really come out with anything new and dashing. =( I wish they would make some new styles or something. They keep coming out with new patterns in the same shapes. Switch it up for us dooney!!
  13. I just ordered the Zebra Large Slim Wristlet. Pretty cute. I agree that the bigger bags don't have any 'softness' to them, so the wristlet satisfies my need for the cut pattern. I think it will be perfect in any black bag for a cute accessory!
  14. What Nordstrom's website makes clear about this bag (but not the Dooney site) is that it is "slick coated canvas" also described as "PVC coated cotton" and not leather. To me this explains the price range for the color zebras, the odd feel and the less distinct edge on the zebra pattern.

    To compare, the large sac leather zebra is $395 and the large sac coated cotton is $240.

    I actually still like it, and it is lighter weight. I think it would be a great summer bag for me in pink & white or the silver and white. D&B should be more forward about the material, though, for those who don't have the experience to compare.