Does anyone have a cream/off white color MBMJ?

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  1. So I purchased a Teri Turnlock this weekend in the cream/off white color.

    Today is the first day I'm wearing it, and the back of the bag has weird streaks (yellowish/pinkish) I don't know if it's supposed to be like that?!

    It's not that dark at all, and it only noticable in certain angles.

    Has anyone else came across this?
  2. I've got a MBMJ Softy Faridah in Chalk (white/grey) & I've never experienced this. Do you think color transferred from somthing? Where did you purchase it from, do you think it was like that when you purchased it?
  3. I honestly did not even check the bag thoroughly! (bad habit) It doesn't look like color transfer. It's not the WHOLE back side, kinda like 'glares' of it. I'm gonna bring it it. *sigh I'm bummed!