Does anyone have a Coach preference?

  1. I was just wondering if any of you ladies have a preference for a particular coach line. Or do you have bags from different lines? I am sort of partial to Chelsea items, as well as the legacy line. I was just wondering if I was the only one who seem to buy more of one type of coach bag than another.

    Hope that makes sense! LOL
  2. I've been buying Coach for quite some time now and there just isnt a way I could decide on a line. I seriously LOVE all of them.
  3. I personally love the Legacy leather bags, the larger Carly bags and the signature stripe line.
  4. Wow, I just love Coach period! I am all about variety so it's hard to pin me down.
  5. For me it's the Ergo totes, Chelsea line, Legacy & Hamptons. I'm not feeling the Bleecker line at all.
  6. I'm totally addicted to all things coach! I don't think I could even begin to pick a favorite line.
  7. I'm into the signature stripe, Carly, Hamptons, & Legacy stripe lines. I like all of them really... it just depends on the look of the item or bag itself.
  8. signature stripe!!!
  9. i tend to like the hamptons, and i got my mom a chelsea, which she loves. (she never, in a million years, would buy herself anything nice/expensive, so i did! i was afraid she'd return it, but she hugged it- she went and found out the price, yelled at me, but never mentioned returning it! he he - i was so happy. i also got her a key chain, which she also always carries- this was about a year or so ago.) sorry- back to topic!
  10. i wish i could buy my mom a coach purse!
    my dad won't let her get one.
    men sometimes just don't get it!
    but they got me my first one for xmas!
  11. I like the Legacy leather, Carly leather, Ergo leather, and Bleecker leather...I'm not a big fan of the Hamptons or Chelsea, only because those lines don't really go with the types of clothing I wear normally.
  12. For the most part I like everything I see in Coach, but I tend to purchase alot of the Legacy pieces, they seem very classic to me and won't be out of style by next season!
  13. I do like alot of different things, but am partial to the Legacy :love:
  14. I have a preference for one particular style. I only have 4 Coach bags and all 4 are hobo's! :nuts:

  15. My preference is for the Carly bag right now, which is odd for me because I normally like a structured bag. I also like some from Legacy and Ergo. I thought I liked Bleecker, but after a few weeks of staring at them online and then seeing them in person, I don't like them as much anymore. I'm not sure why.