does anyone have a chloe chocolate box?

  1. i remember these came out last year around this time. i totally regret not getting one now! i saw it at Barneys and it was the most smooshiest leather ever..... :love:
  2. oooh, must have been called something else in the UK, the chocolate box, do you mean it was the colour chocolate and the shape was like a box? (vanity or loaf etc).

    Intrigued now!! :biggrin:
  3. Wow that sounds beautiful! I didn't know they made it in chocolate.. does anyone know what colors Chloe made in the box????
  4. I don't know what kind of bag that is but you're making me hungry for chocolate, Fayden! :P
  5. Irissy: We are all hungry for chocolate! LOL Chocolate is the most yummiest color Chloe has made!!!!
  6. I know the box comes in craie, bleu nuit, chocolate, whiskey and gold.
    Don't know if there are anymore colours :P
  7. Black... just bought one. The whiskey seems to be the most popular. And who can forget the NAP gold one.
  8. is anyone seens one on ebay let me know!!!

  9. It also came out this year in the metallics. They are out there somewhere :search:
  10. I'll be on the lookout for you......but as long as i've been searching for chloe on ebay (which is a lot LOL), i haven't seen the box in choco yet!!!
  11. They also made it in tan, just saw one on ebay:yes: ...But chocolate sounds yummy, good luck in finding one!
  12. aw thank you! wow, i can't believe this one is so rare!