Does anyone have a canvas garden party tote?

  1. I just received one I purchased from e-bay very cheap, so of course I'm not sure of authenticity (I figured it would be a work tote) -- now my curiousity is peaking! Does anyone have pics to compare? This is smaller than I thought, and at first I thought it was fake, but the stitching is pretty perfect all around which I think is one positive note! Thanks if anyone can help! I'll post pics later today to compare - have to run off shortly...
  2. Shoes, if you can post the link for the eBay auction, that would help.
  3. Shoes, another bag!!! You are on a roll with Hermes!!! Congratulations!!!

    Which size do you have? Pics please.

    I don't have one so I can't help you on this one.
  4. Shoes, it's adorable! I wish I could help with authenticity (still SUCH a novice) but I really like it and well worth the money either way, that's for sure.
  5. I've seen this exact same color combo at the shop, but the bag was standing up at the shop so it's difficult with the picture because it's slanted.
  6. Well I SHOULD be cleaning my room before I have to run, but my bags are so much more fun lol!!

    here are the pics:

    gpbag 002.jpg

    gpbag 004.jpg

    gpbag 006.jpg
  7. I don't know about authenticity but it looks great on you!
  8. the tote looks great! and such a great price too!!
  9. Thanks - it's very cute - and thick - doesn't seem to be poorly made which is why I think I got lucky!
  10. Yikes, shoes... an authentic one should have a leather bottom in the interior and canvas panels. The price alone is a red flag. Sorry. If you want to see how authentic Garden Party bags should look on the inside, check out a few of the eBay auctions. Even a used one would be several hundred dollars on eBay. =(
  11. So it's probably not - I did think the inside actually looked cheaper than the rest of the bag. That's still odd though, the the rest really looks quite nice - oh well - at least it wasn't a lot of money - I'll still use it! I really didn't figure it to be because of the price, but you never know if someone just came across it without a clue...
  12. Sorry, shoes!
  13. I really hate it when people try to rip of others by selling something as authentic that it is not!:mad:

    Sorry shoes :sad: :cry: You can leave a feedback saying that the bag is fake!

    You can think of it as your "throw-around-all-weather" bag :Push: