Does Anyone Have A Brighton??

  1. I Love Brighton! If you do which bag do you own and in what color??
  2. I have a very small black one with silver heart shaped handles. I love it even though it is small:flowers:
  3. Oh, I that would be the corazon I have that in red and I have it in black and brown.
  4. I have at least three. I went through a brighton phase. I have one square shaped drawstring with heart shaped closure and braided shoulder strip. Another drawstring looser construction with a round-silver shaped closure and non-braid shoulder strap. It had some woven leather design at the bottom. And one small structured bag with removable shoulder straps. One strap was croc embossed the other with charms on it. The purses had perforated type leather. I think I might have another one, but can't remember. And I have about four or five key chains. I love their key chains.
  5. I saw a Brighton store when I was at Maui last week. The bags are nice!
  6. There are 2 boutiques in my area but I have yet to make the plunge and purchase one. Their leather seems devine! I really love the look of their accessories as well.
  7. I adore Brighton! I have a black drawstring bag-think petit noe- with a silver buckle, a keychain, and a bracelet. I just cant go back into the Brighton shop in the Gardens mall after February's debacle when I accidently broke a bottle of cologne...they were very kind about it but I was mortified!
  8. I have two. LOVE THEM! The red is the Chantilly and the two tone is the Keely. I'd have more, but the only time I'm in Brighton is when the DH is with me and while he bought both of those bags for me(aw!), he doesn't really want to pay $200-300 for a third Brighton and gets testy if I talk about buying it for myself. This is why he doesn't know about this forum. The poor man would have a coronary if he saw what I had bought in the past two months! :graucho:

    I also have a red wallet similar to the Chantilly and three of their belts. I LOVE their belts!! Oh, and one pair of Brighton sandals. :nuts:
  9. ^^^Your bags look wonderful. You can really see the craftmanship in their bags!
  10. ^^^Oh I forgot I have a pair of brighton loafers. Love them. Their shoes are of very good quality. Many and bench made. And I have one belt with various endangered animals in silver on it. I fell in love with it when I saw it.
  11. Brighton is where I started my purse addiction. I'll post some pics of my brightons soon. I :heart: the dangling :heart: it's just so cute.
  12. I have two Brighton bags. One is very small with silver heart shaped handles. That bag is two-tone (black & brown.) I also have another black Brighton shoulder bag with a brown braided shoulder strap. I bought that bag about 12 years ago before they even had Brighton shops. I bought it when I was in Las Vegas that year in a little south western store.
  13. Another neat thing about Brighton is that after a few months go by, you will get a little "present" in the mail from the company, thanking you for your purchase, such as a coin purse or a key chain. It's really very nice of them to do that. I have a classic Brighton that I bought in Dallas about 10 years ago.
  14. I love Brighton. They make great quality leathergoods and the service that they offer is unparallelled. Their wallets are the cutest and they hold everything. The newer Brighton products are modern, upbeat and it looks like they are gaining new and younger customers as well.
  15. My Mom and I went to a a Brighton "Girlfriend" night tonight infact. They had treats and were doing drawings as well as giving out goodie bags to the first 50 people. I have one bag, several jewelry pieces, a key chain, and an umbrella.


    This is the bag I have, I watched it all season and it went on sale. Hooray! LOL. It was meant to be. It's cool because it also has a shoulder strap which is removeable. It can be carried as a clutch, OR and this is my favorite part, it also has a wristlet strap which slides into the fold. It reminds me of spectator shoes, which are some of my