Does anyone have a blondie?

  1. Hey i just wanna know if anyone has a blondie and i wud like to know what's the zipper on it. is it riri or lampo? i HOPE i didn't buy a fake. hiks.
  2. where did yoy get it? eBay?
  3. oh I dont know, i am sure one of the gals here can help you out.
  4. George is a reliable seller... I've only seen authentic stuff from him.. Looks like somebody picked it up already!
  5. yay! that would be me! :smile:

    phew if it's authentic then i'm very much relief.
  6. Congrats!
  7. thanks!

    i'll post pic when i get it. *teehee*
  8. guys, is it true blondie have two sizes??????? not the tie tasha though.
  9. ^ Yeah, I remember blondies coming in two separate sizes.