Does anyone have a Bleecker in Rust? -what is this color...

  1. I really want another Bleecker but can't pay full price so I called my outlet to see if they got anymore in. Apparently they had one in RUST. I was looking for a whisky but they said this was the fall color.

    I want a bag I can wear with Black or Brown .... A good solid everyday bag. Would this color work? Has anyone seen it?
  2. i had one and returned it. It was more of an orange brown than I liked. You really have to look at it for yourself to decide though.
  3. I agree that it is much more orangey in person. The first eBay pic is pretty accurate of the color. I wanted a bleeker in this color when I saw it online but when I saw it in the store I didn't like it. It is kind of a burnt orange.
  4. I was trying to tell the difference b/w the rust and the British tan. The rust is more of an orange brown then? Is the British tan a nice neutral color? Wish there was a store around here so I didn't have to guess all the time!!
  5. I have a few british tan items - to me the color is similar to the whiskey legacy leather, if you are familiar with that. In looking at those auctions, the rust is way more orangey. Here a photo of my british tan lunch tote. Great color, by the way. A nice neutral that would work well w/black. I also like the rust, though. I think that could be a nice neutral as well, especially if you pick up the brown tones w/a scarf or charm.
    bday tote big.jpg
  6. I have a rust Large Flap Bleecker and I LOVE it. In fact, my outlet held a wine one for me and I brought it home to compare it to the rust and kept the rust instead. It is an orange-brown color, but it really is much richer in different lighting than it is under a camera flash or under harsh fluorescent lighting in the store. It coordinates beautifully with black - most of my wardrobe is based around black basics and I resisted getting a brown bag for years because of the clash issue. But the rust doesn't clash at all.

    And I know this is heresy, but I also like the Bleecker leather a little better than the Legacy leather. It has a little more of a finish and doesn't scratch as easily and it resists the aging and darkening associated with Legacy leather. Overall I LOVE my rust Bleecker!

    Here are rust & wine comparison pics. Without flash and truer to color:

    With flash and brighter than IRL: