does anyone have a berlingot?

  1. I was gonna get the mc pochette mm but now i like the berlingot. Does anyone have this?
  2. I don't have it, but "Jayme" aka ILOVEPURSES does.
  3. I don't have it's cute but really awkwardly shaped IMO and doesn't fit much of anything. I think the pochette MM would be a better investment.
  4. It's a cute charm key case. I agree with Rebecca, you'll probably get better use from the pochette mm.
  5. I have one! I have it because it is artsy and funky...not for practicality! LV describes the Berlingot as being a key holder that can also be used as a change purse or a charm bag. This is definately an either/or--it can't be both. If you choose to use it as a key holder, you can attach your keys to the internal fixed key and flip them in and out with panache. Or you can easily toss in your loose change and have easy access to it later. No it can not fit a credit card. No your cell phone definately will not fit in it. I use my Black MC one as a bag charm with my Black MC Sologne and it looks always elicits tons of "ohhs" and "ahhs"!
  6. Yup, I have's a very akward shape, but I love it! It doesn't fit CC. I just used to use it for my keys and money. I like the pochette MM as well and will probably get one of those eventually. The shapes of these two are really different so what might fit in one might not fit in the other...
  7. no, sorry don't have it
  8. It's a cute shape definitely but it depends on what your uses are for it?
  9. Will a lipgloss/balm fit in it?
  10. Hehe. It reminds me of sour cream packets. Hmm, sour cream.
  11. lol sour cream packets. I was thinking the same thing hahaha
  12. I ALMOST got it, but I got the Pomme cles instead!!! I LOVE the berlingot!!!
  13. certainly
  14. I almost bought it when it first came out, but I passed. I still want one just to have and fill that special place in my heart haha
  15. lol me too I love it but it just seems so...useless:shrugs: