Does anyone have a Balenciaga like this?

  1. Hey girls,

    I wanted to post my first thread asking a question to all of you who worship Balenciagas as much as I do. I bought this Balenciaga bag at Barneys a year and a half ago, I love it and I carry the hell out of it, still I never see anyone carrying one like mine. That makes me happy for sure but at the same time I was wondering if any of you girls has a similar floral print.

    I'm attaching some pictures so you can see it, tell me what you think about my baby!!!

    balenciagafloral.jpg balenciagafloral2.jpg SUNP0016.JPG
  2. Hi, I personally don't have one, but I think the toile is very nice! Congratulations on your great find, it's beautiful!
  3. I love that bag! Very unique!!! Can you post a modeling picture?
  4. I'll try to do it tomorrow, I don't have a very good camera as you can see....

    Thank you for your compliments girls!!
  5. I remember seeing that bag at Neimans and really loved it. The Rouille colored trim looks great with the dark blue print!
  6. I remember seeing it at Barney's as well. My BF was urging me to get it, but I couldn't justify spending that much for that little leather - and I regretted it many times since... yours is lovely!:heart:
  7. Its awesome.. I didnt koe they have it like that!!.. Show us MOre!!
  8. I wanna show you more but I can't upload pictures cause it says they're too do you resize them? Anyway I 'm soooooo happy that you connoisseurs are loving my bag, not many people know about Balenciaga that well but one day I kept on getting compliments on the street and I was like, she must be a good purchase right? So I went to Barney's and the guy that helped me last time was like OMG your bag is looking amazing you should consider yourself very lucky because they rarely make those prints. I personally wanted to get it immediately but my friend was like "It's hideous you're never going to carry it". Result, she had me go away and I came back by myself later in the day and bought it!!
  9. I resize mine myself with a picture editing program. You may already have one on your computer (if you have Windows you may have MS Paint?) or maybe one came with your digital camera software.

    If not there's a very good program which has lots of features like photoshop, which is use all the time (just ignore the name lol) - you can download the windows version here, - and they have versions for Macs and more too.

    If you have trouble with it you can PM me. Or if you want to know how to do it in Paint I can help you out.
  10. thank you so much kymara I just downloaded and I can upload my pics!! Here's another one of my floral day balenciaga
  11. ^^BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Is it hard to keep clean?
  12. I remember seeing that bag and worrying about keeping it clean, but I guess with leather corners there's less worry.
    It's really beautiful, I like it even more than when I first saw it. A bag that stands the test of time!
  13. The bag itself doesn't get dirty too much considering it's white canvas. It was probably a little brighter but I'm trying to find out a way to clean only the canvas parts....

    How do you girls deal with the thin leather of zipper pullers? Or the one of the mirror? Mine started detaching from the other layer, it's still beautiful and soft but I don't know....did any of you used the extra ones already?