Does anyone have a bag in Intrecciato Plume?

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  1. Hi all,

    These bags first caught my eye in the catalog that came out before the holidays... both DH and I thought the treatment looked interesting and potentially beautiful, but time got away from me and I never made it in to the boutique to check them out. Fast forward a few months and my SA emailed asking for my opinions on a couple of the new styles. I didn’t care for them but asked if the Intrecciato Plume bags were still available. He held a couple and I got to see them in person today.

    They are, of course, stunning. Somehow, I wasn’t prepared for the little pieces of leather — the “feathers,” for lack of a better term — to be lifting off the base of the bag. The SA said it was intentional for this to happen and over time and with wear, all the little pieces will lift and curl up.

    I’m having trouble visualizing this, and wonder if anyone has one of these bags and if so, how it’s aging. I don’t usually mind patina and a bag breaking in, but I don’t want it to look damaged. Would love some advice! Photos to follow...
  2. 1EB20025-C9EB-449D-B9CE-875C0D547C87.jpeg 64846D2A-CF5E-4F1D-ADB2-C656DEA1A841.jpeg 706318AA-DC26-494E-9177-75D846DE45BA.jpeg 61030D2D-D122-4563-8BC6-6E84C60250EB.jpeg
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  3. Here are a few photos I found online to show some of the “lifting.”

    8E21AAE0-B71A-40B3-9CB9-7C69CF66DC15.png 20472933-DB7B-44BB-B068-8F511175C0D8.png DA5DF0A2-7532-4D74-9885-AB5DB8111268.png
  4. The lovely @CoastalCouture bought the Nodini Messenger in this treatment before Christmas I think. Maybe she’ll pop in to offer some assistance. :flowers:
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