Does anyone have a bag from the coudy ligne in dark white?

  1. Pix please!!:yes:
  2. hahaha.... you are one anxious lady!! I think you are worse than me. I don't think the white has come to stores yet. I am way too excited for this bag- LOL!!!
  3. Patience is definitely not my best virtue unfortunately....I can't wait to see this bag. Japs, when is your due to come in? Please post pix immediately!!:nuts:
  4. The white isn't available yet but I happen to know that Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle is getting two pieces of the white east/west tote and the white "Doctor" style bag SoCal purchased and posted pics of in this forum.

    macp6 - where do you live? Can you see Chanel in person or do you have to do charge-sends?? Where I live in MA it's an hours drive to NM in Boston or Bloomingdales so I don't get there often enough. It is easier to figure out what I want and have it shipped!

    I can't wait until NM and Nordstrom opens in our local mall next year. I'll hate paying the sales tax to Nordstrom but it will be great to only drive 20 minutes to shop high-end!!
  5. thanks Roey--any eta?
  6. Unfortunately, they are slow to get shipments. I'm still waiting for my dark brown vintage ligne to arrive. It is agony seeing photos and not being able to fondle the bags, LOL!
  7. haha... All I was told was SOON!! But at least I know I am DEFINITELY getting one - that does put my mind at ease. I just hope I like the color.... if not...... I'll have to snatch up a black one!!!
  8. White sounds nice - what other styles will be coming out? So far there is Socal's/ and EW & NS tote. I saw an ad of a small hand carry i think it is the cloudy line.
  9. It will be interesting to see what color "white" is...the beige is not really beige...more taupe, slight green, bronze...
  10. fortunately (or unfortunately for my wallet, I live in close to a Chanel store as well as several NM, Saks, etc!!