Does Anyone have a bag charm on their Tivoli?

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  1. I have the Tivoli PM and was wondering if anyone has a bag charm on theirs? If so, do you have pics you can post? I am considering one----but don't know which would look the best.:s
    Any help, much appreciated!!!;)
  2. i have a bandeau on mine and my trunks and bags pochette.
  3. I switch up between my LV fleurs & initial Coach charm:tup:
  4. I love using charms on my bags, but personally on this bag I think with the fancy zipper pull a charm just takes away from its beauty.
  5. I'm attaching my heart coin purse
  6. I don't think the Tivoli needs one. It has a lot going on as it is and I think it detracts from its beauty to put one on there. It's gorgeous and the zipper pull already has something going on. I think some of the LV bags are just so pretty on their own, that if you put something on there, you notice the charm and not the beauty of the bag itself. I don't think the Tivoli needs anything and I think it looks so pretty without and wouldn't look as nice with a charm. To me, it would cheapen it.
  7. Thanks you just saved me a bunch of $$$---DH will be thrilled. LOL! And he also said the same thing as you! (OF course, I needed to hear it from a fellow tPF'er!)

    Thanks everyone for your input!!! You guys are the GREATEST!:tup::tup::tup:
  8. I have a Pastille key ring in Perle which I float from bag to bag.