Does anyone have a 8BR155 or something similar (pics inside)

  1. If you haven't been following the "authenticate this Fendi" sticky, I bought this bag from Off 5th last year, and both baglady and Litigatrix thinks that it might be a fake. I have taken the bag to Saks, but I haven't heard back if they're going to do anything about it. If anyone has this bag, I would like to see what an authentic one looks like, and maybe show Saks if I need to. I have googled the model number, but all I get are websites that sells fakes. Thanks!

  2. Here is an update. The handbag manager at Saks called me back, and she said the Fendi expert looked at it, and isn't certain. The fabric on the Zucca fabric should be more coarse, but that's not an absolute determination. If it's fake, then it's a really good one.

    She also could not find this bag in Saks' system, so it's possible these were sold directly to Off 5th. She suggested that I take it to the Off 5th near me, even without the statement, and explained to the store manager. She said if it were her store, she would just refund me for customer relations, but since it's not in Saks' system, she can't do the refund.
  3. Titania, honestly the fact that the hologram peels off is in and of itself sufficient to prove it's a fake. There isn't really any point in them investigating its authenticity any further once they see the peeling hologram. Perhaps they do not know this.
  4. When I dropped off the bag, I included your and baglady's comments, and both of you mentioned the hologram sticker, if I recall correctly. I didn't ask if the Fendi expert read that or not. I'm going to wait and see if the Saks card people can find my statement before going to Off 5th to demand my money back. And when I do, I'll be sure to point out the sticker peeling.
  5. Good luck--please keep us posted
  6. I will, thanks! By the way, totally blown away by your spy collection!
  7. sweet, you got a better respose than i did. I just hope they can get my statements from 2 yrs ago, I'm scared that they can't and I'll be screwed and I don't think that I have my credit statement anymore...I'm so worried.....if they refund me I'm putting the $$$ towards getting my LV mono speedy 30...:long sad sigh: why us?

    *edit, how long have you had your bag?
  8. I know, so disgusted with Saks right now. While the Saks manager was very nice, she didn't say if she was going to try and do anything about this. I even told her that they were a lot of these bags at multiple Off 5th locations, and they all looked the same, so this is not an isolated incident.

    I walked around the mall for a little while to try and take of my mind off of this, but I ended up constructing a letter in my head to send to Saks corporate and Fendi in case I don't get a favorable result. I'll share it with you if I end up putting it down on paper.

    I bought mine last April, so it's still reasonable that they can find the statement. But like the Saks manager said, even if we don't have proof of purchase, they should refund us just for customer relations.
  9. well, i called my card ppl and asked them to send a statemment for jan and feb of 06, b/c those were the only things i ever bought on the card. by "things" i mean, my purse and two aunts' purses. so they can't say that i never bought it from there, i also have a picture from that same month i bought it, and you can tell that its the same purse as now....
  10. Jan and Feb of 06 isn't that long ago, I think they should be able to find your statement.

    When I was ranting to my husband a few days ago, he said to just do your research next time before you buy. If I buy from Saks, or Saks outlet, I shouldn't have to do research. I might has well just take my chances on eBay. Sigh...(is there a sighing smiley?).
  11. Exactly. If you buy from Saks, which is a reputable company, authenticity is assumed. In my opinion it is anyway. Good luck!
  12. Titania, even if you had done "your research", you would have gotten an overwhelming response that saks sells authentic. You and Julz's cases have brought to light some information about Off 5th strongly suggesting that they purposefully sell fakes, but we did not know of this before your case sent us looking for the information.
  13. I meant research as in knowing that the sticker shouldn't peel, what the font should look at, etc., i.e. can I spot a fake, even if it's at a reputable retailer? And the answer right now is I can't, I don't research the bag unless I'm buying it on ebay.

    I'm surprised more people didn't respond to this thread. If I had seen this posted by someone else, I would be completely shocked. I'm glad we're able to provide you guys some information, and I think I'm going to write that letter to corporate anyway. Somebody should be held accountable for this grave error.
  14. Maybe if you had the thread titled something more like "Bought Fendi at Off 5th? Your bag may not be authentic!" it would have gotten some more attention. If you want, one of the mods may be able to change it for you.
  15. Hahaha, good point :p. Originally, I was just asking if anyone has a similar bag to mine.