does anyone have a 30 and 34 lindy?

  1. If so, could you post a picture of you wearing both on your shoulder? I have a 30 size and am 5'3" and around a size 2. I'm trying to figure out if a 34 lindy currently on eBay would work for me and can't get to H to try it on quickly enough.
    Thanks so much!
  2. ^^^ Will post one tonight. Mine's a 30.
  3. thanks so much Liness but I don't need to see just a 30 alone. I have the 30 and love it. I was just wondering if someone had both so I could see the size difference as carried by the same person.
    Oh, I wish I could slip out of work and into hermes but not a possibility in the near term!
  4. I've tried both on. Sadly I don't have pics but the 34 hit my hips whereas the 30 tucked under my arm nicely without being parallel to my hip region. Also the 34 is MUCH larger. I am 5'3" and the all the SAs said the 30 looked better. The 34 overpowered my frame dramatically.
  5. Dear Ms. S:

    34 is TOO BIG for your frame. For me, it's even TOO BIG and as I am NOT as skinny as you are.

    Just my thoughts....
  6. I disagree with the above that the 34 would be "too big" for your frame and also that the 34 is that much larger than the 30. It's really not - when they're looked at side by side, you can barely tell the difference between them size-wise.

    Where they ARE different is where they fall/hit a person on their body when carried over the shoulder. At your height, the 34 would hit you more against your hip, while the 30 would be higher up under your arm. I personally find that both of them are too bulky to carry directly under the arm, so it almost doesn't matter which one you choose - both of them carry more comfortably when swung back behind your arm, if that makes sense. Since I find the style extremely functional, this little issue doesn't bother me and I love both sizes equally.

    I'm sorry I don't have any pics RC - and unfortunately this is one time that I'd really recommend that you might want to try this one on in person. I don't think you'll think it "looks" too big, but the different drop is something to consider.
  7. Wheres H*Bird?
    Are all hers 34s
  8. thanks so much. I think I'll have to try the 34 on before making a decision because I love where the 30 hits on me. Back to the drawing board!