Does Anyone have a 3.5+ ct stone on a size 8 finger?

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  1. I know that sounds odd , but I am ready to upgrade my ring and I am getting it made by a company to where I cant really try it on to see how big or small it is on my finger. I am thinking of a 3.70 ct Radiant cut (slightly elongated). I wanted to compare it to others to see if its going to be too big or too small.
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  2. Found this online for you:

  3. Thank you!!! I have been looking for something to reference and this is perfect!
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  4. I have a 6 carat radiant (slightly elongated) on a size 8 finger. Not sure if that would be helpful to your or not.
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  5. I would love to see it! 6 CT’s actually came across my mind too!
  6. 5.73 carat slightly elongated radiant cut yellow diamond with a halo on a size 8 finger. I hope this helps give you some perspective on size. Can’t wait to see your upgrade!

  7. Your ring is gorgeous!!! I love the yellow diamond. This helps a lot. I just didn’t want it to love really big in my finger, and after seeing yours I feel like if I really want to I can go bigger LOL. Thank you.
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  8. I went from 2 carats to 4.5 carats to almost 6 carats. Lol! I suffered from diamond shrinkage. :lol:. I have to say that I am super happy with this ring and don’t feel it’s too big for me but we are all very different in our tastes.
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  9. My original one was a 1 carat. Then I got a 2.5 carat and now I’m looking at 4 or maybe a happy 5 in the middle :smile:
  10. I love it! We are two peas in a pod. :graucho:
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