Does anyone have a 2006 fall/winter bowling bag?

  1. Hey guys!!

    I was just wonderin if anyone of you has the 2006 fall/winter bowler handbag.. It has a silver zipchain that looks exactly in the coco cabas but a little smaller though.. its texture is also similar to the cabas.. and its size is just perfect.. i saw 3 pcs at Bellagio just last week.. i was so caught up.. i like it but the one that i was lookin for that time is the blk patent bowler so i pretended not to like it but deep inside me, i honestly do.. and guess what, the color is pumpkin.. it also comes in blk and choco brown and they are both available too.. The SA told me that they just put that one rescently... i was in love with the pumpkin.. it looks like melon and orange in between.. so the color is really happy!! i just wanna ask if anyone has and could share that picture.. coz i had a hard time looking its picture.. now im thingking of purchasing that one too.. although its been a past issue/design.. but i dont mind.. coz i find the purse very useful..

    :heart: i appreciate your time and effort.. thank you so much!!!!!