Does anyone have a #10490 denim?

  1. My sis is trying to explain this bag to me that was at the outlet - they told her it just came from the boutique. I can't find a pic anywhere - on the website or eBay. Thanks!
  2. Unfortunately, I have no clue. It's not coming up in the drilldown and there aren't any bags listed on eBay with that style number. Is it possible that she may have gotten the number wrong? :shrugs:

    Can she describe the bag to you? That might help! :yes:
  3. IS it a sig bag? They have some small ones in the outlet I just came from. It has white leather too and nice hardware and comes with a little scarf tied to it. OH and a dust bag! :smile: Thats the one at my coach outlet anyhow. Its really cute

    here is one from the same line just a little different style. Now I am wishing I picked it up while I was there. Looking at it again I really like the denim.
  4. Yes it is probably from that line.