Does anyone have 11178?

  1. The Denim Small Stripe Tote?

    I am leaving to go to Buffalo to exchange/return my regular denim tote-

    For this one:
    Picture doesn't work

    Does anyone have this?

    I am figuring it will be bigger than mine so that makes me happy. I don't know if my store has them in the store or if I will have to order it. I'm hoping it will be there. Or I'll find something better I like! Since there is a new floorset I think.

    Just wondering if anyone has this size and how you like it. And could you post pics!


  2. Yeah I noticed this small tote on the site just today. What's the size compared to the regular tote?
  3. I tried both on and preferred the smaller one, which is weird because small bags usually don't look good on me. The big one was too wide for my taste - I felt like it added to my "wideness" :p
  4. I have the smaller one 9 by 9. My question is why is the smaller one more expensive than the larger one? 298 vs 258??
  5. ack! i must see this bag! I am going to die if i like it more than 11179 since i have gone all over southern CA looking for one that i like.
  6. I went in and exchanged mine for the "small" but they didn't have it there. So they ordered it and it should be here in a couple days.

    I think the strap length is shorter than the one I have 11179- 9 (L) x 9 1/2 (H) x 4 1/4 (W)
    17” leather handles
    8 1/2” drop

    The the 11178 is:
    11 1/2” leather handles
    4 1/5” drop
    15 (L) x 12 1/4 (H) x 4 7/8 (W)

    So I'm not sure how this one will really compar in size. I know it is wider and taller i hope it fits on the shoulder well.

    I got the PCE discount on it so it only came to $193.

  7. Did you perfer the 9x9 size one or the "small" tote, 15x12?

    There are basically three sizes to this tote not including the satchel, magazine tote, and multifunction tote.

    Here are the three in order of size:

    It seems to me that the "Large" tote is smaller than the "small" tote.

    Ugh this is confussing me. I can't wait to see what size it really is when it gets here.
  8. AWESOME!!!!!! and a great price too!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have holds everything I have and then some! and very comfy too!!!!!!! I LOVE the look of the denim signature too!!!!!!!!
  10. I know. I got like $30 bucks back!

    I was going to buy something else- scarf or whatnot. But that was basically the only cash on me and I wanted to get something to eat.

    They didn't have anything really new purse wise that I liked that wasn't there last time. They had a couple new keyfobs- fruit, and puppy one.

  11. I had it and it just seemed to small but it's not like I want to carry the kitchen sink I just perfer big bags I guess. But yes it was very comfy and looked great!

    I like the "small" tote better because it looks like the C's are bigger kinda like the Carly and I like that look.
  12. I cant wait to see pics of it....cant see the pics on the website for some reason! You are going to love the denim bag regardless of what size you choose! It's such a nice, classy, goes w/ everything bag!!!!!!!!!!!