Does anyone has the promo code to LeatherStuff AppleGarde site? Thanks!

  1. thanks again girls!
  2. "DEXVIP" gets 10% off... I used it yesterday.
  3. Many thanks. PFers are also so nice!:heart:
  4. Do you use it on new handbags or just when they need cleaning? I thought about buying the rain/stain spray.

    Is it much different then a Wilson's leather cleaner, rain spray?
  5. Does anyone have a current code? :flowers:
  6. Is there a spray/protectant that protects against leather that patinas? I just bought a LV damier azur speedy and i want to take care of it as much as i can!
  7. I've heard good things about AppleGarde. Just don't put the cleaner on your vanchetta unless you have a good heavy patina - it's too strong. The conditioner is fine though. As well as the rain guard.