Does anyone has the pic of Lady Braid tote?

  1. I think I saw it on Neiman lookbook for Fall 07, but I didn't see the real bag. I forgot how it looked like.

    Just wondering if anyone has pic of Lady Braid tote?

    I'm deciding between 2.55 pearls / 2.55 lambskin / lady braid tote.. tough choice
  2. This one, right?

    I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. Our local Saks hasn't gotten them in yet.
  3. wow it's gorgeous but so so pricey!
  4. Thanks for the pic :tup:
    but I don't it was that one.. if my memory doesn't fail me.. I think its about $2000+ (close to $3000 though)

    I'm calling my SA right now..
  5. It's the satchel one then.
  6. Unfortunately.. not that one either.. (Thanks for the link though) gah.. my brain just won't work... and my SA's not picking up his phone :crybaby:

    I believe thay will have 4 styles of lady braid.. that satchel, the grey one, and there was a tote like the ones from vintage ligne from couple years back.... or maybe I'm hallucinating since I want that tote so bad
  7. maybe it's the I had lemme see if I can get the pic
  8. I saw this in black at the NM Scottsdale trunk show, it was incredible! I am on the list for it in grey but my SA told me all of Neiman's only ordered like 3 of this bag in gray and 20 in black for the WHOLE company, so if you want one, better let someone know! My SA said they won't be out till August!
  9. The one I had is lambskin and butter soft, I no longer have it so I can't give you the measurements but if her new mommy sees this thread she may answer you;)
  10. I went back to the old auction and took the measurements that I gave then

    It's 8 inches tall without the straps with the straps it is 12.5, 14.5 long and 8 inches wide
  11. Yes, last year's was lambskin and looked amazingly soft. One of our member has a gorgeous purple one and it's TDF :heart:.