Does anyone has the Gucci Silver Large Tote (it's fabric but with the gucci logos)~

  1. Need help with the ladies here as i'm looking for the Gucci Silver Large tote (i think it's the casual one with the sporty handle not the leather type). It's fabric material with all the gucci logos over it. It comes with a few sizes, looks like a shoppin tote (with base in small or large). But i want the flat tote without any base.

    Hope someone can post a pic on that since i need a picture of it. If you have the serial/model number, appreciate it even more.

    Also, does anyone know where can i find this tote, any stores have this as i checked our local gucci store, they do not have this anymore.

  2. anyone can help??
  3. Thanks for the above...appreciate it! I'm lookin for this, anywhere i can find this tote. Pls HELP ME......:shrugs::shrugs:
  4. This is new for 2008, I have not seen it in the boutique yet!
  5. Really? but it's already sellin here in singapore at the gucci stores. I thought it was a last year season.:love:
  6. They might have more coming in if your store nearby has sold out of it. Have you signed up for the waiting list?
  7. Yeah, u probably right! I did called our store and they said may have more comin in the next few wks, jus left my name for the waitling list, hopefully i can get it.

    Thanks beejerry, appreciate it:flowers: