Does anyone has Gucci Medium Hobo in Pink logo?

  1. Hi

    The other day I saw a glimpse of a lady carrying a cute Gucci Medium Hobo in Pink with white leather. It was gorgeous.:yes: I was actually thinking of getting one in beige with gold leather, now I'm not sure. Is it still available? If you have it, please post pics for me to oogle :lol:
  2. Actually the name is Gucci Abbey Medium Hobo. Pink logo canvas with white leather strap.:s
  3. I know this is not the style you are looking for but is this the color you are talking about? If it is, this is a seasonal color from about 2 years ago.

  4. Thank beljwl. love the color. Bet its not sold in the stores anymore...:drool:
  5. This was mine...if you can't find the one you're looking for at Gucci boutique,you could maybe try at the Gucci outlets or eBay (:sweatdrop:) :flowers: