does anyone has classic flap in the following colors?

  1. tan and off white (??? thats what the SA calls it. she also said it looks like peach color).
    i am too lazy to drive to Saks, so i cannot see it irl. please post pic if you have any of theis color.
  2. Did you look in our Reference LIbrary?
  3. i looked in the classic flap thread and i did not see any.
  4. There are two tannish classic flaps I got this F'06. On the one, the Chanel ticket says 'Beige' and it is definitely 'camel'. Then there is one that says 'White' but it is really a lite beige color (not anywhere near white). The box says 'Blanc Fonce'. The Blanc Fonce is beautiful (I like it better than my camelly color one). I wouldn't call it peachy though as if anything it has a very slight, slight tinge of greenish undertone to it.
  5. can you maybe post a pic of the blanc fonce? coz the SA told me that the color is off white, but it actually peach??? :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  6. The 'Beige' (camel) is the first pic. The 'White' (blanc fonce) is the second pic.

    Beige_Camel Classic Flap.jpg blanc fonce.jpg
  7. And to show you true white, here is the true white from SS '06 (F '06 dark brown is the one on the left):

    ss06 white classic.jpg
  8. thanks for the pics.... you are right.... it is not peachy at all.....
  9. Are those jumbos Deb? I love my dark brown jumbo! One day I'll add another color.
  10. ^^^ No Roey. They are all the med/lg (1595) caviar classics. The only caviar jumbo I have is the Navy one. I agree that of all the colors so far, I like my dark brown one the best too. It just goes with everything!
  11. oh I love the Blanc Fonce! That is the beige I am refering to.. so it is actually "white"?!
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