Does anyone give you a hard time about your bag addictions? :(

  1. -My mom is always on my case whenever I buy a new bag or designer item. She thinks I just crave attention, and that I'm being immature. She has even got my boyfriend on her side they got me all worked up before I had to go into work for the night, so I was like in tears when I walked into work.

    -I had a horrible night (I'm a waitress so I had to try extra hard to be in a good mood...or no tips!) but thankfully my manager put me in a better mood and made me laugh about it...she's the best.

    -My mom just makes me so mad....she always puts me down and today just sent me off the edge...this was after she found out I ordered a new Grenat Balenciaga City. She will say stuff like (and I quote her directly):

    "no one knows what any of those bags are anyways. and if they do they probably think they are fake, so why do you need them?!!"

    "that is a huge waste of money those bags are wasteful"

    "you are very immature and no boyfriend is going to want to marry you or move in with you if you spend all of your money like that!"

    "you can't live like you are rich because you're not!!"

    -Whether i'm rich or not shouldn't matter, because obviously if I buy these kinda things then OBVIOUSLY I can afford what's the big deal right?

    -I just went off the edge today and I had to write it all down on here to make me feel better...and to see if anyone else went through the same kinda really depresses me...:crybaby:

    -thanks for listening if anyone actually read this far..
  2. I'm so sorry to hear all of that! :sad: If anything, your boyfriend should be supportive of what you want and go shopping with you. I think you need to tell him and your mom that it's your decision and that bothering you about it isn't going to make you stop, it's just going to make you feel worse about it. It's your money, and you should spend it how you want to!

    Btw, plenty of people know what "those bags" are - just look at a place like tPF, which has tons of members! I hope everything works out for you and that your mom and boyfriend are willing to listen! :heart:
  3. yea htat's what I tell them....that yelling at me and making me feel bad isn't going to stop my fashion interest.....they just don't get it....

    At least the PF members know what it's like! I love coming on here at makes me feel better :smile:
  4. aww dont worry about it...if its your thing, its your thing...better bags than drugs!
  5. I'm so sorry hun. I get that from certain people. Mainly family members who are not very... stylish. The one thing I don't understand the most is when people say “Are you trying to get attention?” I love fashion – It's pretty much been my life. I have never EVER worn anything for anyone but me. I never buy a bag because a trend tells me to either (IMO a person should have their own individual sense of style.) I don't care if someone recognizes my bag or not. The bags I carry are for my pleasure alone.

    *Hugs* Try not to let them get you down. Everyone has something they love. Heck, my uncle collects antique train sets. I'll be damned if I understand why but hey, it's his thing. C'est la Vie.
  6. I completely understand. I had a conversation about this very thing last night with my BF. I have always loved fashion but no-one else in my family loves designer stuff like me-or will actually buy it. My BF thinks I am crazy for spending over $300 on a bag let alone over $1000. Yet he has just bought a 2nd dirt bike for $10 000. We argue all the time about it. I think in reality he is just trying to keep my spending in check-cause he has bailed me out of my CC debt I guess that's a good thing, but even when I am not putting it on CC and am paying in full I still get hassled :rant:. I figure if I don't spend my money on drugs, cigarettes or alcohol, I mostly take my lunch to work each day and have no other hobbies which cost $$$, why can't I buy another bag! I am responsible, I bought a house at 21 for heaven's sake and have worked my buy off at uni (currently finishing my doctorate). Before I spent all my money on makeup but he never said anything about it cause he probably didn't notice. Now it feels as though I have to hide my purchases or get in trouble and I don't like either option :girlsigh:

    Ahhh end of rant :smile:
  7. What everyone is saying makes is very personal, everyone's priorities are different. DH & I don't spend a lot on cars, for example, even though we could afford to drive much "fancier" ones than we do. Recently we were at a family dinner and my bags were mentioned. My SIL said "I would never spend that much on a bag"! Well, it is a personal choice. I wouldn't choose to have 4 kids, like she does. Again, a personal choice. You should happy with yourself, and if bags are the what does it for you, then so be it!
  8. They're just concerned about you. To them, bags are just things to carry stuff in and shouldn't cost that much. It's like people with nice cars, they can get a nice car for a cheaper price but they want something that looks good and lasts.
  9. I can completely relate. Both my mom and my boyfriend do not understand. My mom comes from a different generation and culture, so to her, spending a lot of money on a bag is worthless. She had a really hard time buying a $200 Coach bag earlier in August for her birthday (my grandmother sent her a sizable amount of money for her 50th birthday to treat herself). I know for a fact that the bag is still sitting in its box at home. My grandmother gave her strict instructions to buy herself a really nice bag - an LV or Gucci - but in the end, she couldn't do it.

    My boyfriend also does not understand the bag obsession. We live together and he hears me talking all the time and spending money on nice bags. It really irks him and irks me that he doesn't take an interest in something that I enjoy talking about.

    Feel're not alone. At the end of the day, it's your money.
  10. Don't let people bring you down. There is always going to be some one who is ready to "rain on your parade".:yes: I think your mom is just saying this because she cares for your and doesn't want you to end up in debt over bags.:idea:
  11. I'm sorry, that really sucks :sad:
    Everyone has their "thing", and fashion just comes with a stigma. People think it's frivilous. For me, shopping/bags are like therapy. It's the only time I can be alone, focus on my thoughts.. it does wonders for me.

    If it makes you happy, then so be it.
    And really, they don't have any business telling you how to spend your money.
  12. What I have learned is that there are a lot of people who simply do not appreciate designer handbags...all of my girlfriends carry cheap handbags...spending 50.00 on a bag is the norm for them...they would not understand how I feel in love with the large gucci boston..the price tag would kill them...they simply do not understand the passion for design and style...either you get it or you do not...looks like us gals get it...designer handbags are soooo nice...especially Gucci and Chanel for me right love bags sooo much....
  13. i used to hear it allot..but nowadays i think my ear developed an automatic sensor of all criticism of my bags habits... what a relief! lol
  14. hahaha, I feel the same way. I just don't care what anybody says about my bags anymore. I stopped sharing my new bag purchases with everybody in my family, relatives included (except my daughter and niece who find pleasure in my bag addiction). I'd rather come to this forum and share it with everyone who appreciates the same thing I do.

    So don't feel bad. There are always going to be people who will bring you down because of your bag habits. Just ignore them. It's your business how you spend your money (just as long as you don't go into debt of course:shame: )
  15. My BF is distressed by my shoes and handbags, not because of the amount of money that I spend, but just because I have so many.

    It probably wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't always on his case about being a packrat and buying stuff that he doesn't need:lol: