does anyone get tired of ...

  1. when you tell people you want another coach bag or if you say that is your little habit they say stuff like "i would never pay that much for a purse "or they just look at you like your a snob? i wear 3.00 old navy flip flops and buy off the sale rack BUT coach is my "thing" my husband does not mind...he even shops for me...but i am a stay at home mom of three so people just asume I should not get nice things...I HATE IT!!! does this happen to anyone?
  2. I totally agree. I am not into clothes or anything else because i rarely get to go somewhere not involving the kids and always feel like i am more "dressed up" when i get a new bag or have a nice bag. You know, as a mother you are always buying things for the kids and making sure they look nice but never have time for yourself if you are like me. People who don't have kids rarely understand until they go through it themselves, getting spit up on or changing diapers all day or getting syrup smooshed into your clothing who wants to wear expensive clothes when you just go to playdates and stay in or go to the park a lot. Everyone has their thing and I think you are completely justified, and it makes you happy : )
  3. THANKS i am always doing for the kids (and i should) but i do feel more dressed up if i have a nice bag, it just bothers me that people do that "look" and this chick spends money she dont have ALL the time...nails, hair, clothes...going out all the time and she is a mom too..I only spend money I save for my bags or go to the outlet.what really bothered me was she saw the legacy sholder bag my husband got me for my birthday (whiskey) and she was looking through one of my coach book and saw it and was like "YOU SPENT THAT MUCH ON A PURSE? " to my husband...i just said oh no i got it on sale i wouldnt pay that much....from someone who had just told me about a pair of 150.00 least my purse does not touch the floor!
  4. I can totally relate!! As a SAHM of 3, I too rarely indulge in anything just for ME. Purses, are the one thing that can make me feel pretty when the rest of me is just feeling BLAH! Don't let other people get to you. My enjoyment of my purses are just that ....MINE. Maybe its my age, (still young but old enough not to care anymore), but I learned not to be bothered as much by people who just say things to make others feel bad.:p:boxing:
  5. I'm with you. I wear scrubs at work and at home it's jeans and T's. My bag always makes me feel more "put together." At work the question is always "How much did you pay for that one?" I don't mind telling them but knowing they're just waiting to say "Holy Crap! I would never pay that much!". Well, then don't ask if you already know...
  6. I agree! Most people that I know, know that I am a freak for Coach. But I do get really sick of people asking me how much my bags are, my family doesn't ask me, but usually people at work do. It's really none of their business! Usually I just say "alot" or "enough" or "you don't want to know" when someone asks me this now!
  7. I can relate, too! I get that attitude mainly from my MIL. I work from home and don't spend any $$ on eating out, driving/gasoline, nor lots of clothes, I color my own hair, and I stopped getting my nails done. So, for me to spend MY MONEY the way I see fit, should be OK no matter what it is! But my MIL always says to me that she'd never spend that much on "just a purse", etc, as if it's her son's money I'm wasting. It's SO annoying. I try to be tolerant of her but there are times when I just want to tell her off! *LOL* My MIL & my FIL don't make much $$, therefore she can't afford the same things my hubby and I can so I think she does it out of jealousy. I'm thinking a lot of people who are judgmental that way are just plain jealous of you!
  8. I feel the same way,people will be like "Omg you have pay a lot for just a purse you must be insane"
  9. Yup, most all my friends and family are like that. Although most of my friends aren't snotty about it, but they always ask how much things cost, which depending on who it is, I think is a really rude question. But my MIL and SIL are ALWAYS making snide comments about it. And the funny thing is that I'm pretty sure they think it's MORE expensive than what it is. But like most of you said, I'm home with my kids all day, every day. I rarely do anything for myself and purses are what makes me feel good. It's just my thing.
  10. I was having lunch with some female colleagues of my husbands and my LV speedy was sitting next to me on the booth (no one had noticed it). The girls were all talking about another woman who wore lost of designer clothes such as prada to work. They were then saying that as they were older there priorities were totally different and how they thought it silly to spend so much money on such things. I got up to go to the ladies room and grabbed my purse. The woman who had gone on the diatribe about designer goods saw my bag and said "I like your purse"....grrr
  11. Yes, I totally hate it. I'm a nurse and when I dread when I go to work with a new Coach. I know I'll never hear the end of it. I hear remarks like, "I can't imagine spending that kind of money." OR "I thought my Fossil purse was expensive" OR a really rude, "What did you spend on that?"

    I don't have to justify myself to them but I honestly feel guilty when I have a new bag to the point I won't even use it on work days.

    I don't know why I let it bother me so much. I think it's harder living in Montana because name brands aren't as "in" as in more metro areas. I swear, they act like I spent thousands on a bag when in fact it was only a couple hundred (or less).
  12. OMG, you are so much like me! Coach is my "thing" too. And believe me, you shouldn't feel bad, caz EVERYONE has their indulgences. I am the same way--jeans and tee, sweats, Old Navy Flip flops EVERY summer, Target is my second But I do indulge a little bit on handbags. :heart:

    Actually, my hubby understands, and so does my family, they never really say anything, but I KNOW if my inlaws found out (lucky they don't really know what Coach is) they would think I was a gold-digger. (which I'm not--my hubby was a cashier when I met him 6 years

    So I totally know how you feel! Just rememer you deserve it and it's none of their business! Coach is AWESOME!:flowers:
  13. Yeah, where I live Coach is totally normal, Corvallis is kind of a relaxed yet upper class most high school kids I know here have a bigger Coach collection than I do and already have Chanel or Prada. Nobody looks twice. Nobody really takes it for granted or anything, but instead of a non-brand purse being the normal purchase for people, going to Coach is. So technically I fit right in even though I try to have different pieces than others.

    Plus I have my eyes on Hermes as my goal, so maybe people here would think that is crazy but who cares? It's my money and stuff, and I work really hard for it. Nobody can make me feel bad about anything. And if people give me guff for spending hundreds on Coach, that's fine...they can waste their breath! I'll still buy it!
  14. :sigh:

    Agreed. As a SAHM I love my Coachies. Well, I loved them before I SAH, but now they're even more important to me for some reason.

    My mom went on Coach's site and said not only were they unreasonably expensive, but some of them were ugly. Well, some of them are ugly, but most are fab. And they're not too expensive if you don't spend money elsewhere. Plus, the PCE helps.
  15. I totally get what you SIL probably knows that my bags are Coach, she's 20 and she's up on that stuff, and was just saying the other day how she'd NEVER buy UGGs because they are $120 or for the small ones or anything designer and blah...but she is a clothes freak! I've never seen her in the same outfit twice, and everytime she dresses up (which is about every other day) she has a new little dress on. And these aren't Target dresses she spends a TON on clothes.

    Anyway, you TOTALLY deserve a Coach bag now and then! A SAHM is one of the most difficult, rewarding, honorable, exhausting jobs! You make sure you remind them of that when they say something! You definitely deserve some Coach!