Does anyone get Seventeen magazine? Question...

  1. Has your September issue reached your mailbox yet?? Sorry I had to make a new thread about this but I just HAVE to know! :p

    I know it was on news stands August 15th, but why hasn't it gotten to my house yet??? I'm getting anxious waiting for it LOL.
  2. The one with Ashlee Simpson on the cover?
  3. Yup the one w/ Ashlee.
    You already got it??? :sad:
    I'm wondering if I should call them and ask what's up LOL
    Maybe it depends on where you live?? -sigh-
  4. My daughter gets the mag and she has Sept. issue.
  5. :crybaby:Am I the only one who's missing out??
  6. I haven't gotten mine yet either (yes I still subscribe lol).
  7. ^ YAY Rebecca!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one... :smile:

    Haha, nothing wrong with still subscribing...they actually are a really good magazine! And I LOVE the coupons they have in there sometimes...lots of free stuff and savings.
  8. Don't feel bad.. I still have a few months to my subscription too.. but Yes, I have gotten my Sept issue.. I think I got it sometime last week.
  9. I know what you mean. Seventeen takes forever to reach my mailbox. They're usually late.
  10. ^ Ugh, seriously?? That sucks. :push:

    :crybaby: Nothing today BETTER be here by the end of the week lol...
  11. I got mine a few days ago... I would def call them.
  12. Goodness, I haven't read Seventeen in years! Might have to check it out, if you guys say there are good deals in there. :graucho:
  13. I canceled mine a few months bag as I am now totally into US weekly.
  14. Did you get yours yet, Margaret? Because I still haven't gotten mine...
  15. ^ Yup got it Friday. I emailed the lady and she said if you dont get it by August 31st, then to contact them!