Does Anyone Get Chest Flutters....Heart? Gas?

  1. Ugh. I hate this. I know that my heart is okay....and I've read that even PVCs are "normal" for everyone...just some people feel them more than others. I just can't stop thinking that it's my heart and I'm going to die even though they last a second. It's not just when I'm stressed but can come anytime - reading a book, watching TV - just like little boops.....weird feeling. Then I think maybe it's gas bubbles. I burp a lot afterwards.
    I can't describe it. Does anyone else have this issue?:s
  2. I had something simular, although no gas bubbles after... my heart kinda skips a beat? That's what the doc told me after I had a major panic attack once while hooked up to an EKG machine.

    Have you discussed this with your doctor?
  3. Well, several years ago, I had a stress test, holter monitor, EKG....and everything turned out okay. I even had him listen to my corodid (sp?) arteries....for fear of a stroke (:s)....he's patient with me.
    I'm too young to die!!!! :crybaby: I'm only 41 and four kids!! :s
  4. Aww sweetie, you aren't going to die this soon. I always make myself sicker by thinking the worse! Once I had a couple of EKG's and they told me my heart was as strong as a horse's, I quit thinking I was having a heart attack. Your heart "blips" and then you get it in your head it's a heart attack, and then you start to unconsiously panic. It becomes a viscious circle.

    I also went through a stress test, nothing. Once I had the tests and knew what it may be (I don't want to say here til I know for sure, I'm having a test Thursday to determine it) I calmed down quite a bit. I think the fear of the unknown makes it worse.

    Best thing I can advise? R E L A X. Work on relaxation techniques and remove as many stressors from your life NOW as you can.
  5. I feel like this ALL time, only because I have severe heart problems, I am only 23, btw. It was something I was born with, I have bad plumbing, bad wiring, and just a bad, weak heart. I feel like I am having a heart attack at 5-6 times a day. I have my next heart surgery in 3 weeks and 1 one day, this will be my third in one year.

    I am sure if you have been through all that testing your Dr. would have found something that was wrong if there was. Good luck!
  6. Oh, my honey... I am so sorry about your heart problems! My prayers go with you into the operating room.

    I'm also thinking that we are so lucky to live in a time when they can do so much for these kinds of health problems and we can enjoy a better life much longer now. I'm not trying to brush off the seriousness of your problem, don't get me wrong, but I find it comforting to know they catch things much better and faster now (IF you can get your insurance company to co-operate) and they feel as long as there is life, there is hope.

    Jchiara, I do hope that they can find something to comfort you so you don't let your mind go crazy with worry. I just read on the Unseen Illness thread you suffer from anxiety as well. It's proven anti-depressants CAN help with anxiety attacks, I'm living proof. If one didn't work for you, ask to try another. Not all make you feel badly, but many do. You also need to give them time to work. A few days or weeks on a new one isn't enough. And as I said, learning relaxation techniques will help alot. When I start a panic attack that sneaks past the medications, the first thing I do is tell myself I am okay. I am safe, I am NOT dying and I chide myself for being a little girl without her Mommy.

    I am NOT making light of your situation honey... honest to the Gods I know what you are going through. I though I was going insane. I drank too much, I stayed at home, I refused to see friends, I avoided all the things that triggered a panic attack. And for me, that was as simple as walking out the front door to my apartment.

    Sometimes, I can stop one dead by just taking a deep breath and slowly exhale.

    Excersise and pampering yourself (hot bath, warm cup of tea and a good book, etc) can do wonders. If you are overweight, work on dieting and excersise as well. Being heavy, even by just a few pounds is linked to anxiety as well.

    It really bothers me when docs brush off women's complaints saying we are overly emotional bags of hormones, even if we are. Some women can handle the hormonal changes every month, many can't. Just please understand there is life after this problem, and life is always what you make it.

    Holler if I can help more. I hate to see people go through what I have.
  7. Yes, jchiara, I just started having this problem & I am a few years older than you. I am under a lot of stress and not exercising & gained some weight in the last year, so I think it's all adding up. I went to the doctor and found that my blood pressure was the highest it's ever been (but not quite into the red zone...just borderline). I am gradually cutting out caffeine, and started taking a low dosage beta blocker, and I feel 100% better already. Haven't had the flutters in a few days. My doctor didnt' feel my blood pressure really justified the beta blocker, but I begged him to let me have it because I was feeling so stressed out about the flutters & wanted them to stop!!! Anyway, that's my story so far...I go for a follow up visit w/the doctor in a week. Jchiara - have you gone to the doctor? Also, have you had your thyroid checked?
  8. I also get sometimes that my heart sort of seems to skip a beat or something. A strange feeling in my chest, similar to the freefall feeling in the stomach, you know?
    It happens rarely, but it was much more often before, when i had some stress, anxiety and depression issues...So it was all psychological i suppose?
  9. I get chest flutters, I don't think it's gas, I think it might be my blood sugar soaring from coffee or cereal or something, maybe Diabetes is coming? I dunno, it is pretty scary I agree. I can think of some people who'd love it if I croaked from that.
  10. you know what? i have the same things! sometimes i'll just be doing nothing -- as in watching tv, in the shower, etc and then all of a sudden: bddaaaaaa bddaaaaa daaa heart does this funky beat that i can feel it all up my chest and all up in the top of my stomach and throat. freaks me out because the feeling is soooo weird and NOT natural! for a while it was doing it often. scared the shyt out of me. went to my doc had an ekg - NADA. he told me it was stress.

    i don't know it happens off and on and i just believe there could be a bigger problem.

    it's sooo freaky.
  11. Well several years ago, I had the EKG, the holter, etc., and everything was fine. I've been googling PVCs and they're so common and so frustrating.
    Apparently some people have had them for decades and all I can think is "well, they're still alive".
    I suffer from MAJOR anxiety attacks - I have Xanax when it gets really bad. I had Adivan but I changed it because it made me feel like I had a bag on my head for like a day. I haven't needed to take the Xanax yet - but frankly, I had a HUGE episode of these weird things last night.
    I'd be sitting there and all of a sudden it's like my chest feels like it's filling up....filling up....and nothing's beating and then WHAM!!! :wtf: and then I have to give like a little cough....:shrugs: It must have happened about a dozen times last night, like little swarms. I'd be feeling all jittery and fluttery and the nothing nothing....and then building up...buildling up.....and then this weird like BOOM - so it really freaked the crap out of me.
    I've had my thyroid checked, everything - I had a full physical about a month ago - my arteries are good, my blood pressure is fine, hormones are still okay (I'm 41 and still get my period every 28 days to the day), have four kids - I mean, I SHOULD BE FINE.....? I have even taken a stress test and they're like "great" but that was four years ago!!!!
    I thought "am I under stress" today? Sometimes I think maybe it's so unconscious - so beneath the obvious - I have had some stress lately - hubby's thinking of changing jobs a bit, money, etc., and I sat there with my son, laying on my left side, in the dark and had like 2 of those "episodes". I had to get up. I got so scared. I find that if I get "out of the space" (of course, this is very very akin to panic attacks because that's what you feel, you know - "I've Gotta Get Outta Here!!!") but I really sat down and took some deep breaths, tried to chill out seriously chill - and I felt a bit better.
    Plus it doesn't help that i have major allergies right now. My nose is congested and I lay in bed hearing my heart POUNDING in my ears because I'm so congested.
    I've never liked the sound of beating hearts. When I was in labor with all four of my kids, I always made them turn off the monitor to my kid's heart while they were still inside because I couldn't take hearing "thump...thump...thump...." it made me nuts and worried.
    I do drink about 2 cups of caffeinated coffee a day - but nothing else major. I DID think, though that I had tomato soup last night at dinner, and I've heard that sometimes a lot of stomach gas can cause these palps PLUS after these episodes, I burp like a friggin' sailor.....

  12. Yes I get them particularly when I am under stress! It is very scary for sure!
  13. I had the SAAAME thing. I'd have dreams where I couldn't move, and all I could feel was my heart racing. I thought I was dying.... my doctor just told me it was probably panic. I have a super fast heart beat regularly, but he said it was all normal. He told me to push on the vein in my neck if it started racing... you know the one where you feel your pulse? Hope I helped :smile:
  14. Oh my goodness, so many people have this!

    I do too, and it's so good to know that i'm not the only one. I wnet to see a doctor when mine happened, and all my blood tests/ekgs turned out OK. My doc and psychiatrist both said that a lot of it is me expecting it to happen so when it does, panic makes it worse than it actually is...

    I just read an article in Women's Health re: panic attacks and it said that when this kind of fear happens just to take deep breaths, try to do something relaxing like watch TV or read a book until it passes, and just KNOW that you will NOT die (even if it feels like you are going to).

    I'm online all the time so if you're panicking, PM me and we'll talk :smile:
  15. I'm assuming vigorous exercise would help this problem a lot, especially if it is brought on by stress. I just can't seem to get myself to DO anything!!! argh!! My daughter has inspired me to go on a few walks (about 1.2 miles & not super fast), but I know I need to do more.