Does anyone find the Large Carly heavy?

  1. I just came back from the airport I was standby to Hawaii, & didn't get on . I decided to take my large carly because I could get everything I needed in it. Everything fit ok BUT it was as heavy as my carry on .... The hardware is what is so heavy for everyday it's fine because you don't have all the extra stuff......It's not like I don't have another purse to take, I have lots to pick from..... I think I will maybe take my bleeker duffle I got for christmas .......hope everything fits............
  2. I thought it was heavy myself! I hardly had anything in it and it was pretty dense. I ended up selling it to a friend for $200 and bought me a new Medium Chocolate Carly. I like a little weight to my bags, but not as much as I was getting with the not even half full Large Carly.
  3. At first I did but now that I have had it and been wearing it around I don't think so. I think it can definitely get heavy if you fill it up a lot. I love it so much though.. I just switched from the medium to the large last week and I am head over heels. :love:
  4. I also have the large and my carly is not that full I can post a picture of what I have in it if you want.. it seems fine to me
  5. i have 2 larges and i do not think either is heavy.

    i have used my leather large as a school bag, and that was heavy but only because of the extra stuff inside.
  6. Thanks for your input I have switched to the my bleeker & took a few thing out . I still love the carly & wanted so much to take it with me. Here's hoping I find something nice at the outlet. I'll let you know what I find...Joanne
  7. I have the Large chocolate Brown leather Carly and she not too heavy for me.
    I love the hardware and the simplicity of the design. I tend to go for large bags
    as I carry alot of stuff around with me.
  8. No matter what bag I'm carrying, it ends up heavy!:lol: I tend to carry way too much stuff! It doesn't bother me , I guess I've gotten used to it.:yes:
    The large Carly is my favorite bag!
  9. I have the large leather Carly in black and I love it! It's my go-to bag. I don't think it's too heavy for what I carry in it.
  10. When I first started using it I didn't have problems but after awhile she started to feel really heavy. It stinks because I REALLY want to use her but she hurts my shoulder sometimes.
  11. I have a bad shoulder (old cheerleading injury...I was always the base) and I cannot carry a Carly at all. I have to have lightweight bags...that is why I love Ergos!
  12. I used my large chocolate Carly as my carry on bag last month. She was GREAT b/c she held sooooooooo much stuff to keep my 2 children occupied on a plane ride to and from Disney World! She is much too large for me to carry around w/ as my everyday bag b/c I dont carry much of anything, so she is now my official "travel bag/carry-on bag"!!!! I had our portable DVD player, 2 cameras, and a whole bunch of other stuff inside and she didnt feel that heavy to me....but it could have been the excitement of going on vacation/coming home, etc....I would definitely recommend this bag as a carry on and I saw MANY women using it as one as well! She is a GREAT bag!!!!
  13. I have 2 and I think they are a bit heavy. They're better over a thick coat but you do notice (and your shoulder does too :p) when you switch to another, lighter bag.

    I haven't been wearing them as much for that reason but I think I'll resume carrying them next week :smile:.
  14. I have a Large Denim Sig Carly and I don't think it's very heavy for me even with it fully packed - I guess I'm used to it from my old College days when I carried a heavy backpack. *lol* But I do think the Leather Carly's are a bit heavier than the Fabric ones.
  15. I carry a lot of stuff and love the look of the large Carly but I agree it is a bit heavy for everyday use. I am not sure it would work as a carry on for me either. But it is BEAUTIFUL!