Does anyone feel they have two different personalities ?

  1. This might sound strange but I feel like I have two separate personalities. At work/school I am nice, friendly, well-mannered, funny and just nice to be around.

    At home around my family members I kind of play up my naughty side and I become cheeky, sometimes obnoxious, sarcastic and whingey - what you would call an uberbitch.

    Am I weird or do other pepole experience this as well ?
  2. I have this as well...sometimes I am super quiet, and other times I'm quite loud, sarcastic and snobby. It just depends who I'm around.
  3. I don't know which one is the real me because I find that when I'm at home I'm playing up to a persona because they let me get a way with it. But when I'm alone and by myself I'm not as cheeky or *****y.
  4. I openly do, I know it, and all my family and friends know it.

    Personality 1 = I live in the "freak" culture. I wear band t-shirst, big tripp pants and wear black, have tattoos and piercings, listen to heavy metal music. I'm very sarcastic, open, sick minded, tell dirty jokes, swear like crazy, etc, etc.

    Personality 2 = I'm a school teacher. I teach 7th and 8th grade, I wear nice dress clothes, tattoos and piercings are covered up. I'm very clean cut, very nice and polite, I speak nicely, I'm more quiet and don't talk much about "who" I am.

    It's NOT my choice to have these 2 personalities. But I'm forced to by society in general. I :heart: teaching, I was meant to be a teacher and couldn't see myself doing anything else. However I also am not your "typical" teacher. I have a need to be myself and who I really am, which is someone who is a member of the freak culture. But unfortunately at this time society is not understanding enough to realize that it doesn't matter what I look like, what music I listen to, the number of tattoos or piercings I have, that I like to wear black, etc, etc. All of these things DON'T effect my ability to teach and be a good teacher. :tup:

    But I've learned to live with it :upsidedown:. There are pros and cons = Pro,I get to go shopping for 2 different clothing collections which can be fun at times, but con, I have to pay for 2 different types of clothing which can get super expensive.
  5. Well, I act a lot more reserved and keep my thoughts to myself when I work for the most part.
  6. I am so OTT when I am around my family members to the point where it creates tension and arguments and I know I am not that exaggerated. I just like to push their buttons and seek attention. I am an attention whore. :sad:

    I say things at home that I don't mean just to irk people or get a reaction out of them. I must be bored right ? i got to find myself a new hobby.
  7. Well, I act differently at work than I do when I am out shopping with my girlfriends...the same core essence of me is still there but at work I'm not going to be as boisterous, giggly, flighty and certainly won't swear...unless there's a reeeeeeeeealy good reason.
  8. I'd think everyone has more than one side to their personality, but maybe not... I do think I developed a rather dramatic split personality disorder due to years of severe anorexia (and whatever came along with it).:s
  9. I tend to be quiet when I'm around people I don't know, or whenever I'm in public. I tend to stay to myself a lot too. When I'm around close friends or my family, I'm definitely more outgoing. However, I'm always polite and respectful either way :smile:
  10. I def have different personalities.

    I put on kind of a *****y front when I go shopping (defense mechanism)
    I am a big joker and cut loose when i'm with my friends/classmates
    I am much more real/deep when I am with my boyfriend

    Sometimes it's hard when my boyfriend and classmates come together and I have to figure out how to manage my personalities. Deep down though I know I am more serious and compassionate that I normally come off. My real friends typically know this.