Does anyone feel that they carry too much?!

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  1. Sometimes I feel that I carry too much crap with me on a daily basis, yet can't seem to part with any of it. Am I the only one? How does one decide what they need and what they don't everyday?! What if that one thing you rarely use is needed randomly one day??

    Maybe I am just crazy?

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  2. I started buying really expensive, smaller bags, felt compelled to use them every day and as a result, forced myself to downsize. Very happy with that decision. I think if you live somewhere where driving is not heavily relied upon, that could be an issue. But where I live, driving is necessary, so I just keep extras in my car and in my office (make-up, hair brush, dental floss, etc.), leaving my purse with only the bare minimum. Love that I can now easily change between bags and that I am in the habit of emptying out anything I accumulate on a daily basis. Before, I didn't know how I could go around without all that stuff in my, I can't imagine carrying all that extra stuff! I do have a couple larger bags for days when I absoulutley must carry more, but I actually now prefer to use the small and medium sized bags. It's very freeing.:P
  3. Hahaha. Yes. But I fail gloriously on down sizing. So I stopped worrying and continue schlepping.
  4. I've thought about downsizing, but I also just love big bags! But then I see small ones and am like "how would I function?"

    Driving is a necessity here. I think I just like to have things. For no reason. I mean, are 10 lipsticks/chipsticks really necessary?!
  5. That was me!!! Now, I carry two max! And I never need to dig through my bags to find anything...everything is neatly in its place! Works so much better for my OCD/Type A personality:giggles:!
  6. +1
    I have duplicates in the car and at the office. I think that last time I carried "just-in-case stuff" in my bag was when I was in Uni. Even then the heavy load was from my numerous textbooks, no laptops back then.
  7. Yes, although not in one place. Let me see ... one in my bag, two in my car, one in DH's car, one at the office, one in the quick-errand cross body, one in gym bag, etc. :P
  8. I did until I decided to use one of my smaller bags. Now the things I carry with me are the things I actually use on a daily basis. Haven't missed the "extra" stuff yet.
  9. True true! I started putting multiple pouches in my bag to keep it organized, but still. Seems like so much! lol. AND I always reach for the same ones, why keep the extra? haha. :lol:
  10. I like this plan. I keep one at work, that I use daily, one on my coffee table at home, and the rest in my purse for... when I'm in my car and out and about.

    Yet, being the key word. ;);) I mean, I can still use the big bags, just not fill them up?

    I just see cute small ones and think "that would never work!" and I want them to work.. because you know, 45 bags just aren't quite enough yet!
  11. Nope. I hate big bags. I don't like the look or the "black hole" effect. Mini bags don't let me carry my essentials. So I carry medium bags.

    I carry only what I need and everything is organized.
    • sunglasses in case
    • small wallet
    • small makeup bag including lotion & small comb
    • small accessories case with earbuds, phone charger, gum, tissues, meds

    The only other thing I ever add is a book, my iPad or my kindle

    When I carry a bigger bag it's because I'm traveling. Business travel has its own laptop case.
    For leisure travel I keep these in my carry on bag:
    • water bottle
    • food
    • travel pillow
    • Sweater or wrap
    • Pouch with all my chargers and cords
    • IPad
    • a physical book
    • 1 or two changes of outfits

    I hate junk and clutter. If I don't use x I don't even want to own x. So carrying extra "stuff" around feels like hauling clutter. 😖😵😫
  12. Am facing dilemma, as consider packing for month long trip.
    However, never when facing handbag contents.

    I do not carry a caving helmet daily.
    So that's less stuff, right there. :biggrin:

    However, I do need 2 adhesive bandages.
    Always 2.
    Without 2, I will cut open a hand on rapid airflow or smooth wood.
    And bleed onto some stranger's pretty shoes.

    I also need a notebook & pens.
    Which become lonely, shuffling around in big handbags I favor.
    So, I toss in wallet, keys, etc.
    Because they make nice company & talk quietly together.
    Not drawing unwanted attention on buses or in office buildings.

    When man in my life holds bag for me, sometimes says, "You carry a lot of stuff."
    But I know he's only confused & disoriented.
    By shiny hardware reflections off light fixtures.
    Poor thing.
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  13. I'm a schlepper too. My kids are not that small anymore, my youngest is 4, so diapers and wipes are no longer necessary, but I still carry stuff like a notebook and pen, water bottle, small first aid kit with some bandages and stuff like that, makeup pouch, wallet, hair brush, sunglasses case, change purse, cough drops, phone, hand sanitizer, keys, some crystals, and a rosary (odd combo, I know lol).

    My bag itself is heavy too. Right now I'm carrying my Coach Christie Carry-all in cross grain leather, and I feel like the bag itself is heavy to begin with. I've had it for about two weeks now, and I'm still not sure whether I like it or not. :weird:
  14. Who is your publisher? Are you on Amazon? :biggrin:
  15. I did and I downsized drastically. I don't miss the things that I used to schlep around but never used and don't miss aching shoulders and people bumping into my bag.