Does anyone feel guilty..

  1. when you deal with a different SA than your regular SA?
    One time I tried to call my SA to order something but she was with a client so this other SA helped me out and when I picked up the item, my regular SA was there greeting me but I told her I am getting the stuff from the other SA.

    I feel guilty.

    Should I?
  2. Sometimes, yes. She's told me about some customers who have gotten things at other stores when my store would have been able to get them in too. I got my VIC gifts because of my loyalty to the even though I've been waiting eons for my Pomme ring and bangle, I'd feel bad getting them from somewhere else since my name is down for them at MY store. I don't want to have to tell them I already got I try to deal with my store exclusively.
  3. I always try to deal with my SA only she is so good to me. If she is not there when I call she will call me back always!
  4. i don't feel guilty. I actually don't have regular SA. when I come in I go to whoever is available. also I don't have store loyality. The SF store tends to sell out, so I am more than willing to go to another store instead of waiting for them to order it. when I want a bag, I want it that minute.
  5. I feel incredibly guilty! But at the same time my store is a Saks LV and they don't always get everything in, and my SA even suggests I waitlist somewhere else as a back-up. When I give up waiting I'll try to get him to find one for me (I've been waiting forever for my store to get in Etoile...they don't get a lot of textiles).
  6. I would feel guilty b/c I love my SA :crybaby:
  7. nope. i dont really have one yet anyways.
  8. Not at all.. I'm an SA-dabbler.. :graucho:
  9. I would feel guilty if I purchased from another store when my store had it readily available...
  10. Nope...I don't have a regular SA :yes: