Does anyone every get this feeling???

  1. Today I was leaving work and set my 05 Camel Day on the chair in the breakroom. Two other gals, one with her Louis and other with her Dooney "displayed" on the table both just glance at my bag like, "cheap sac of old brown leather." (Okay so they probably didn't think that.. ) but why don't a lot of people know about Balenciaga? When I show mine to people I always have to say "the bags Nicole Richie is always carrying" I just don't understand why they're not as popular... please feel free to share your experiences!!! Or am I the only one who goes through this???
  2. i really don't pay attention or do i mind about what people think about my b-bags. i carry them for myself and no one else:smile: . it doesn't matter to me at all that people don't recognize it as a high-end bag. one of the reasons why i stay away from mono LV because it has too much logos that screams LV.
  3. i dont care what people think about my bag. it actually makes me feel good that people do not know that my bbag is expensive as i dont want to be mugged. i dont carry bbag because i want to be recognized as that girl who carries nice bags.... i just like it.....
    even my hubby who is fashionably challenge said that he likes bbag more than LV mono because it does not scream "look at me!!!!!"
  4. well, the SA's at the Coach store know what they are,
    they were all fightin' over me yesterday when I walked in there - LOL!!! :lol:
  5. I don't care either if people don't look at my b-bags. I actually prefer they don't notice because some chicks out there just end up giving me dirty looks for whatever malfunction they have. Also, the less people know about any of my expensive bags, the less of a target for robbery I am!
  6. wow... thats cool that the coach SA knows balenciaga. i went to my local Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago and while i was there, i asked the SA if Nordstrom in denver (that is far from where i live) carries balenciaga. and the SA was like "what .... ???" :wtf:
  7. YES! I carry my LV's and people notice it. I carry my Balenciagas they say "love your bag" but many don't have a clue what it is. But I carry what I like so it doesn't matter to me. So I do agree with you, the majority of people are not aware of what a Balenciaga is or how much it costs.
    Last night I went to a party. I sat my bag on the chair next to me. Some guy came to my table and plopped my poor greige right on the concrete and sat down. I snatched it up and he said " Oops is that one of those 500. Gucci bags?":cursing: I just sat it on another chair. I should have told him well kind of, only this one cost 1195. plus shipping. :P
  8. I too like how understated Bbags are, no labels, logos etc. I think it's so tacky to wear labels head to toe, like some (insecure?) people are apt to do. But I have to say Bbags look expensive, you can't get bags with such nice leather for cheap. Of course, the average Joe/Jane probably might not guess they are $1000+.

    Actually, a LOT of girls at my small university have Bbags. Everytime a new one shows up on campus we all notice. It's kinda fun!
  9. I love that they are not so popular and I also love the understated nature of b-bags. I see lots of LV where I live(real and fake) but hardly any b-bags....and I love that.

    I actually hope that Balenciaga bags never become as popular as LV bags.
  10. What I like is when people admire the bag but don't know what it is. They don't like it because they know the name or how much it cost, but how great it looks. To me that is the perfect compliment.
  11. I love when I'm out and about that people don't really know what it is...and when I see another girl carrying an authentic balenciaga, we always exchange a "look". It's fun in a way!
  12. Yes, Balenciaga is so understated. No one recognizes or cares about my bags at all. :P But I like that. If I wanted a bag because I wanted other people to notice it, I would go for some flashy LV or Gucci, but that's not why I buy a bag.

    Powder, that guy would have pissed me off! :cursing: I had a guy one time, when we were leaving a room and I went over to get my bbag so not to leave it there, say "oh I know that's liek a hundred dollar bag" :rolleyes: like that was so expensive. I just don't say anything. :shame:
  13. It seems everyone you see is carrying LV as I always did myself. When you carry the Bal bag I think its a nice feeling knowing your not like all the rest of the people with their Dooneys, Coach, etc. I really don`t think Iv`e actually seen more than a couple of B bags in the Sacramento area where I live, plenty of all the other brands though. We are unique I think.:yahoo: :P
  14. I saw one person with one in Sac and when she saw me with mine, she kind of ran away. :rolleyes:
  15. Tnc 727, what I like in Bbags , apart from their style, leather quality, and colors:smile:, is the fact that they are so understated (just like everybody here it seems).

    I love the fact that an average person doesn't recognise them as expensive and well known bags. I LOVE it, and here is why:

    1: This allows me to hang around in places such as Paris underground without raising bad people's attention while still feeling pretty and stylish, which is quite a pleasant feeling:supacool: .

    2: Call me snobbish but I don't like tags and logos. So new rich and generally bad taste in my opinion. Mind, I said generally, I don't want anybody to feel offensed, and there always are exceptions. Anyway, I don't care being recognised by these people, let them say what they want:yucky: .

    3: I have often been criticised by (envious) people for "being too put up", or for "putting it too hard" because of my outfits and especially my Hermès bags.
    Those people obviously refuse to understand that I always had a real passion for fashion and good craftmanship, I even made it my job.
    I HATE HATE HATE that, since those who generally criticise me for my H bags end up rushing to H boutique a few months/years later as soon as they put their hands on the necessary amount of money.
    Bbags give me a rest since those people (who should get a life by the way) are neither fashion insiders, nor generally understand fashion or style, and therefore don't regognise a Bbag.:graucho:

    4: Fashion insiders, stylish or good tasted people. From 15 to 85. They ALWAYS either recognise a Bbag or, not knowing what it is, they will notice it and ask about it, and generally say it is nice;) .

    5: Bbags are light, comfortable (I can wear them messenger style on my moped) and go with any outfit, day and night, almost empty or packed. And that's not a small thing:P .

    6: The girls here at tPF are all so different but all so LOVELY and friendly:love: .

    Hoping all this lasts, that's enough for me.:flowers: