Does anyone ever think like me - sell all my bags and start again!!!

  1. I have no idea what is up with me at the moment but I am sooooo bag discontented at the moment. Nothing I have is inspiring me anymore. I seriously am contemplating selling all my bags and starting again!

    Am I crazy? Does anyone ever get like this?
  2. i have never feel like that, because i've been sooo much in love with my balenciaga bags...
  3. Aw Seahorse thats how I used to feel - last few months not. I have even bought quite a few bags recently but even then I am feeling down about them!

    Gulp - is it the end for me???

    Maybe I need to switch to Balenciaga then!
  4. OMG, noooooooo what about your spys, and any new spys you might get:graucho:

    I went through a phase last year where I had so many bags it was silly as never used them. So sold them along with my perfect beautiful Petrol spy, as soon as I sold that so deeply regretted it. Found my way to here looking for a new Petrol, and the rest is have a lot of spys and more to come.
    Secret have you had a look at Balenciaga bags, they are so lovely in so many colours, be warn though they are like spys when you have one you need more....LOL
  5. Hi Saich

    I know I know - I have no idea what is up with me. I do have a Balenciaga and did have a few more which I sold last year, but yes they are addictive too.

    Maybe when I wake up tomorrow it will be a different day - not sure whats up!

    Gulp - hope it passes or don't know what I will do!
  6. i have purchased some vintage monogram LVs because i soooo wanted a multicolore one few years ago but can't afford at that time, so i'm contemplating on getting mono LV.
    but now, they're been dusting in my closets.

    with balenciaga, the love has been gong on for like more than 2 yrs.
    there are times when i fell in love with a hermes and thinking that i don't love my b bags anymore.
    but then, the craving still going on...
    the leather, the colour, the style... the colours are sooo pretty and each season are different, so it's like each bag is limited edition.
    and the leather, even the same colour and style from the same year are having pretty different character on the leather...
    it's soooooo challenging...

    how can u not love bags this pretty :love:
  7. Seahorse - those are amazing - colour and textures are great.

    Mmm maybe its just time for a change of different designer

    Thanks for the pics - they have at least cheered me up!

    Can't believe I am feeling down about bags!
  8. go to balenciaga subs!!! :yes:
    they'll get you excited again! :party:
  9. ahh S-S, I think it is just a phase, but if you genuinelly are not feeling your bags any more, thats the great thing, we can sell them on to somebody who will think the bag is perfect for them - and I know from first hand experience that anybody who buys a bag from you is the luckiest buyer on earth, as you cherish your bags :yes:

    So, if you are not feeling them any more, then maybe its time to sell them and buy something else gorgeous - the question is what!! :graucho:
  10. seahorse, your bags are INCREDIBLE!!!!! :biggrin:
  11. aw thanks Chloe Babe - you of all people have had to listen to me whinging for days so I am grateful for that.

    Seahorse - yip I am going to check out the Bal forum!

    Thanks guys!
  12. thank u chloe-babe :p
    i love them so much, they come in so many ranges and cute accessories. i was doing this photo shoot to show the size comparison to my fellow b baggers :yes:
  13. Honestly, yea I get like that sometimes too.. as in right now. I have a 07 Balenciaga Day bag that I'm ga-ga over but not so much for the rest of my bags. Seriously thinking of selling them all & investing in a couple more B-bags.
  14. Hey Saich, I've been dying to say, I'm the one who sold you your first Petrol spy (from Bergdorf's..) Even I had some regrets about that after the fact, LOL.
  15. S- I felt like that once.. when i accumulated too many bags at once... this is w/ chloe in particular. I got 9 chloe bags in a span of 2 months. I thought i would be content... .but after relaxing for a minute... i figured out which bags i wouldn't use and which bags i would use... so I got rid of 4 and bought 2 chloe bags. I also bought a dior, fendi, and a chanel to diversify my collection. I'm much happier now... and i think i am bag content :shame:

    See how you feel after a couple of months... i'm sure you'll fall in love w/ all your bags again :flowers: All the bags you have are hard to find so I wouldn't want to come to make any rash decision.