Does anyone ever SELL their Hermes Bag?

  1. Hi!

    I have been interested in buying a "pre-owned" Hermes Bag, preferably a bright Kelley, but am TERRIFIED of purchasing them consignment or eBay :search:

    Does anyone on TPF ever sell their Hermes, or are they cherished forever and the thought forever banished?

    I'm desperate for suggestions as most of the girls around here are knee deep in Coach or power briefcases in Washington DC!


    LoL Please help
  2. Of course, I joined the site to meet and chat with other girls bag-obsessed.

    Scary thing is, the more I get, the more they call to me... I used to think my Chloe's were getting together to vote and help me decide who next to "adopt"! LoL Of course, I all "George Bush"ed it and decided on Kelly. They'll like her... or the Fendi's will whoop their wee butts :lecture:
  3. Sometimes, H lovers also sell their bags to downsize either because they don't use the bags so much or the size is not correct on them.
  4. You should do a bit of looking in our Hermes Shopping Thread...start there and see if anything can help you for now.

    Once you are a member for a while...things will start to happen for you and you will find it is not impossible to find a bag at Hermes. Good Luck.
  5. :love: THANK YOU

    No more pretty girls until Kelly can come home to live with me!

    I love being a momma to my babies (bags!) thanks for steering me in the right direction!!
  6. Some members on here are also sellers on e-bay, and there are quite a few reputable sellers...I have bought several myself and had great luck - you can always post a link to an auction in the thread above for help to make sure they are legit sellers with authentic bags....good luck!
  7. Sure, Angelfish. Most collectors like me have to "shed" once in a while to make room for the new kids on the block. ;)

    In my case, I usually give up an "extra" bag in the same color family. For example, when I buy a new H bag and have to give up another - I usually go through my bag closet to find out which color I have the most H bags in. I figure I can't really give all or most of my attention to 4 brown colored birkins so I usually give first dibs to my girlfriends who have been unable to score a bag at the boutique - at whatever price I paid for. If they don't want/need the bag, off to eBay it goes....

    Just this week, I decided to give up my chartreuse in lieu of a vert anis birkin because the latter happen to come along in the leather that I wanted - mysore. So, buying and selling does happen within the circle of bag collectors.
  8. I know what you mean. This is the main reason I never liked Coach. It is everywhere in DC. I hate having what everone else has. DC is definitely a Coach town.
  9. A lot of people sell their H bags, as many have just said. I have a two year rule. If I haven't worn a bag for two years I will sell it, donate it or give it away (well, not usually with H)!
  10. ok, so here's where I come clean LoL

    I have LOTS of Coach. I mean, LOTS. Between the neverending boutiques at every single mall here in DC and the fact that most of my friends and family aren't quite as obsessed with the Power Houses (Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Chloe, YSL, Hermes etc) as I am, Coach seems to be the #1 gift I usually get :smile:

    I'm NOT complaining... a Coach wallet or accessory is always better than some weird fragrance from Bath and Body Works I never heard of, but my closet makes my SO wonder if more purses are even necessary - of which I constantly have to remind him they are! :yahoo:
  11. LadyLaw Your guy is 6'5"?? :wtf:

    WOW you better get yourself some pretty and smokin high heels!! :supacool:
  12. I don't think I could bring myself to sell an H bag. I always think of handing them down to my girls.
  13. i dont think i will ever sell my Hermes bags would want to keep it for my daughter
  14. You ain't neva lied. Coach is King in DC:yes:
  15. That's a lot better than what rules my area....Vera Bradley :wtf: Step over the state line, and all you see is LV, Coach, and....a LOT more Vera Bradley :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: