Does anyone ever have a hard time getting used to the weight of these bags?

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  1. I haven't carried a big bag in a while and I forgot how heavy they are!!!
  2. I just started useing my black smooth Sienna and the first time I took her out I thought geez this bag is heavy. So I asked my daughter-in-law if her Sienna in Desert color was heavy and she said she didnt think it was, so I compared the two and my black one is definitely heavier than her desert color. Maybe something to do with the leather they used. But I have gotten use to it now after a few jaunts with her(my Sienna is a girl). But I have the Ginger and the Lena and I didnt notice them being to heavy. I think the Sienna is one of the heavier Koobas.
  3. which one are you carrying?
  4. Yes, I would say that my Sienna (Moss) is heavy. I hadn't used it for a month or two until a couple of days ago. I went from my HH Salina which is so soft that it virtually weighs close to one that weighs heavy on my shoulder. What a difference! My Grandma who is 108 cannot even lift it!
  5. I wear my Lucy and my Renee - and they weigh NOTHING....maybe it's the leather???
    My Marcelle is a little bit heavier than the Lucy because of the grommets, but not by much.
    I don't have a Sienna, so I wasn't sure how to answer the question....but I guess it doesn't have to do with just Kooba bags, but rather the hardware and the leather used.....;)
  6. I have a Paige in bourbon and a Sienna in bourbon. Got them both today... (I have replaced one obsession with another-LV for Kooba) Anyway, I don't think that I will keep them both, so I am trying to figure out which one. Man they are both heavy! By the way I went from 0 Koobas to 6 in like 4 days. I'm going to have to return a few.
  7. The Jillian's a bit heavier than usual, but not really that noticeable. And that bag has a lot of studs. My alternate everyday bag is this Emily by Emily that's really very light.

    ETA: Nice, shewolfy12! I personally prefer the look of the Sienna, although I have neither bag. For now! :graucho:
  8. all of my koobas are kinda heavy ( I have a sienna, carla, and paige) doesnt really bother me. I just make sure not to wear them if i am going to be doing alot of running around.
  9. my sienna was kind of heavy, but, the cassandra i just got is not as heavy as the other koobas i own...
  10. Wow, nice haul! I don't honestly notice the difference too much as I don't overfill my bags. But I do agree they are heavier!! I have a sienna and a ryan (tote) and they each weigh about the same but they fit so nice on my shoulder I guess I don't notice that they're a little heavier.
  11. My Siennas and Lena are fairly heavy, but the Marcelle was a nice surprise, lovely and light!:heart:
  12. It's a small price to pay for a killer bag!
    But yes they are a bit heavy..
  13. The Siennas are heavy but I tend to pack mine pretty full. The distressed bags are heavier than the smooth. The Avery and Ada are really heavy, definitely not for a jaunt to the Mall.
  14. I think my Charlie is relatively light, but I wear it crossbody messenger style so the weight is nicely distributed.
  15. i think my kooba charlie is pretty heavy but like jane said the fact that I can carry it on the shoulder and messenger style really helps. I think I just may not be used to a leather bag. this is my first all leather bag! all my other are LV canvas with leather trim!