Does anyone ever feel guilty...

  1. Ok, here's a question...does anyone ever feel guilty about carrying their bag? I walked out of the mall today with my batignolles vertical and walked right in front of some people waiting for a bus who just stared holes through me. Maybe it was more of my imagination but I felt really guilty. ( I would never make it as a celebrity) haha. Any opinions out there??!!:unsure:
  2. I feel that way about some of my jewelry. Not so much my bags. I do get remarks about my wedding ring..( "Is that the hope diamond??" ) and other remarks. All my friends have rather large stones as well and it does not bother them at all. Im just a bit more humble, and grateful...I do feel like a walking target sometimes.
  3. Nope, but I live in Los Angeles, so everyone has the real ones or the fakes. I do tend to not wear certain brands when I am with friends who just complain about my shopping habits though :smile:
  4. I only feel guilty to my husband... Poor guy wants to put all of the money into investments, and here I am investing in handbags.... :unsure:
  5. yes I do. The other day I had my Deauville and this old woman came up to me with a young girl asking for money for food. I never carry cash with me, only credit cards, so what I am supposed to do? =(
  6. I feel a little bit guilty sometimes...EXCEPT when I'm in the neighborhood where I see a million LV's. I was raised very middle class and my mom has probably never spent more than $30 on a purse so I think I still have it in me. I'm glad, I never want to get ungrateful for what I have.
  7. I'm usually in LA or OC so you'll see alot of people with designer bags. Makes me feel like I fit in. :lol: But when I go travel, I only carry the cheap non-designer bags with me.
  8. No, because I work my butt off. they can do the same things I did and have money. I'm not exceptionally smart or anything, but I knew what I wanted in life, figured out what it would take to get it, got the education and now I am working toward that goal.
  9. My mother is the same way. She will carry a bag until it literally falls apart. I have tried to buy her nicer bags but she thinks I'm crazy.

    "All that money for a purse? No thanks, " she says

    She is completely content with her $40 handbag from Foley's. The kind with like 1000 different compartments that sometimes come with a matching coin purse. :lol: :lol: He he.

    I love her to death.
  10. No!
  11. I turn my ring around in some situations. The handbags I don't feel guilty about because there are so many fakes.
  12. I am the queen of guilt. If we were not an one income family then I would not think much about it. When I purchase bags I feel horrible that I get to stay home and raise my babies while my huby earns the $$$$.
  13. A little. I could be spending the money in better ways, donating it and all that, but I do earn that money myself so it's not entirely just a free ride for me.
  14. umm, i dont feel bad at all the time... :shame: i've worked pretty hard so far to get nice things so i should enjoy having them and using them
  15. I feel a twinge of guilt, yes. No excuses. It makes me happy to carry what I want, that's that. My $, my decisions (aside from my DH of course). ;)
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