Does anyone enjoy baking but not cooking?

  1. I love baking - I think it's fun - but I despise cooking. It's kind of weird since they're basically the same thing.

    Anyone else feel the same way?
  2. My sister is that way; she hates/isn't good at cooking, but loves baking!

    I'm the opposite, lol...I love cooking, but I stink at baking! :p
  3. I love to cook, also, but I find baking (things like cakes, cookies, and pies) tedious. I'd rather buy baked goods like breads and sweets and cook meal-type things. If that makes sense. LOL.

  4. Are you kidding me lol?? That's the best part of baking! Throwing it in the oven and to hell with it till the timer goes off lol!
  5. Yes, that would be me! I love to bake cookies, cakes and brownies..but when it comes to actually cooking SO is an awesome cook! :p
  6. I can cook OK. But I LOVE baking!

    This is because my favorite food on earth is Parisian-style chocolate cake.
    Good thing I live thousands of miles from Paris or photos of Fat Me would be in National Enquirer.

    I have studied under Alice Medrich - the owner of "Cocolat." Alice owns the reknown French chocolate bakery in California and is the authoress of many chocolate cookbooks.

    I can bake a mean cake.

    The only thing that saves me from blimpdom is that I am single and I don't like to bake just for myself. I have a deep need to show off so I only bake for multiple person events.

    Go to Amazon and search for Cocolat. You will see Alice's books.

    Buy them if you dare.
  7. I love both (actually, my "love" I suspect, is based on greed). I have noticed that if I am feeling down, I find myself in the kitchen making gingerbread muffins or chocolate fudge cake or cream cheese brownies or well, anything sweet really. It's the MESS I make that I don't enjoy!;)
  8. Its really not weird, because they are two very different things! Baking requires exact measurements and time - it is more of a science therefore appeals to people that are very organized, detailed oriented and exacting. Cooking on the other hand is more a pinch of this, a touch of that, "whatever makes you feel good" kind of thing.. its very emotional. Good cooks rarely measure their ingredients. It appeals to more creative type people. Very different!
  9. My sisters are mostly like that too, one will bake but not cook, and the others will occasionally cook. It's the same thing to me, actually I prefer cooking though.
  10. This sounds EXACTLY like me... I'm a good cook but I don't like cooking and I love to bake and I'm really good at baking. Yeah I'm blowing my own trumpet!!
  11. Haha! I'm the opposite! I hate to bake, love to cook. Sorry! :p
  12. Haha....I think another reason I love baking is because well....I literally SUCK and boy oh boy lmao do I mean suck at cooking. I ruin Ramen!!!

    That's how bad lmao!!
  13. Yep! I love to bake, but I not only hate cooking, I am a vile cook.
  14. Me! That is me to a TEE!

    There's something relaxing and meditative about baking. You measure carefully, sift, and add to a bowl. Then, once it's ready to be popped into the oven, you can just go veg on the couch rather than slave over a hot stove!!!

    Also, I think there's WAY more room for error when cooking. If I have a good cake or cookie recipe, all I have to do is put my brain in auto-pilot, follow the directions, and I'll be almost guaranteed of a tasty result. Not so with cooking! I cook only because I have to (got a hubby who hates eating out), not because I enjoy it.
  15. Isn't it interesting how most people can be categorized into either the "cook" or the "bake" category...but NOT both???