does anyone else's western ballet flats hurt like heck?

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  1. I went shopping in mine yesterday and by the end of the trip I couldnt stand walking in them anymore! The back was absolutely hurting me! I was walking on my tip toes on the way from the car to the apt. I don't think Saks accepts used shoes do they?
  2. same here, after 2hours I could not walk. had to buy flip flops and take them off.
  3. i wonder if putting one of those padding things in them help. I think it's something about that elastic back.
  4. oh was on my wish list..but maybe not anymore.
    i am not paying 395 to get hurt.
    i thought the elastic back will be better for the feet though.
  5. hi girls, I had a plastic back pair of flats before too but not designer so they hurt pretty bad since the leather + plastic was SOO hard (u'd think designer ones would be comfy, no?)

    anyway waht you might want to do is to bend the elastic top on the back backwards just to stretch it out a bit (spray shoe stretching fluid on it too) leave it like that for a few days and then try wearing them for SHORT trips and see how you feel

    if it fails and they are still hard as hell then eBay em or something

    Gosh hearing about this makes me so sad... they are SO cute but ya, designer ballet flats tend to suck DO NOT buy the gucci ones either